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  1. No Dogs Allowed
    by Sidney Gish
  2. baby steps
    by sleepy freak
  3. Steady Ache
    by Bob Barnett
  4. & Gum Trash
    by Greg Mendez
  5. Oh, My Heart
    by Shannen Moser
  6. Classic.
    by Elephant Jake
  7. Welcome
    by Slaughter Beach, Dog
  8. The Pooches
    by The Pooches
  9. Forever Beautiful: a collection of love for Orlando
    by Various Artists
  10. Gloom
    by Cherry
  11. Brandy Of The Damned
    by Steady Hands
  12. Pretty Many People
    by three man cannon
  13. Tropical Depression
    by Steady Hands
  14. Will I Know You Then
    by three man cannon
  15. Guided Meditation
    by Hurry
  16. Bad Year
    by the superweaks
  17. Lame-O Records 2015 Sampler
    by Lame-O Records
  18. Riff Hard
    by Thin Lips
  19. Lowercase Roses EP
    by Lowercase Roses

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