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André Z. Pagnossim

  1. São Paulo, Brazil
  2. Electronic
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  1. Night Talk
    by SHRIMPS
  2. 3 Rave Tracks
    by Jellica
  3. Dual
    by Droid-ON
    mointsi mointsi
    This album could easily have been released by Rephlex in 1993. And it proves that you don't need big expensive gear to make fat and complex electronic music. Can't wait to hear its bonus album, DROID-ON 4LIFE.
  4. Baby U Got This
    by SHRIMPS
  5. matter
    by Θ (theta)
  6. 16x16x16
    by tmt
  7. album 2018
    by zebra
  8. QQQQ
    by Claire Abougelis
    IV IV
    Peaceful and brooding music, interlaced with harsch pads and white noise washes.
  9. Víspera de la Calabaza
    by Superlegit + SHRIMPS
  10. sinbeat(][);
    by Skoddie
  11. Abolish Roads
    by aanaaanaaanaaana
    radiohead.wav + whowantsthebass.wav = FUCKOFF.wav
  12. turtle line, turtle walk
    by Mark Lyken
  13. Closed System Blues
    by Bit Shifter
  14. combined states
    by Joss Manley and Byte.clone
  15. Omzeilen
    by Ray Manta
  16. onomatopoeia
    by nq
  17. compiled randomness
    by Joss Manley
  18. Amiga Tech Dance
    by asa9000
  19. SOLID LP
    by SHRIMPS
    Very Important (feat. Pablo Falbru) Very Important (feat. Pablo Falbru)
    How do you get funkier and sexier after making a Stevie Wonder covers album? Somehow, Brady Leo and Joe Calabrese managed that on this new album. SOLID LP is SOLID and SEXY. "Very Important" brings a group of moaning blues singers crashing into the Hotter than July recording studio. SOLID LP makes you wanna have sex in the same way a Marvin Gaye album does. And more, I wanna see Brady and Joe sensualizing in a 90's video directed by David Fincher.
  20. Last
    by Θ