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  1. Poly Bridge 2 (Original Soundtrack)
    by Adrian Talens
  2. 50 Foot Woman - The Instrumentals
    by Hannah Williams
    Tablecloth (Instrumental) Tablecloth (Instrumental)
    Super chilled, super soul vibe.
  3. Gaia Live
    by Dojo
    Chant Them Down Chant Them Down
    Sublime live recording with a more open soundstage and live-sounding percussion and drums. Beautiful vocals and brass. Top quality album.
  4. The Slippery Bits
    by Heads Off
    I Am A Man I Am A Man
    This album rocks!
  5. The Talks - Hulligans
    by London Intl Ska Festival
  6. The Talks - Commoners, Peers, Drunks…
    by London Intl Ska Festival
    Great songs and attitude, clean and punchy vinyl.
  7. Seeds, Roots & Fruits
    by Emapea
    Strange Seed Strange Seed
    This is one of my favourite chill-out albums. The stripped-back beats remind me of the Bristol UK trip-hop scene in the early 90s. 'Strange Seed' is like a less intense instrumental version of Portishead's 'Glory Box'.

    This 2LP sounds awesome, and is definitely my format of choice. The single LP is good - and I was surprised when I first heard details I’d not noticed on the download. But the 2LP has a wider dynamic range, a clearer, more open soundstage and deeper/punchier bass.
  8. RUDE HI-FI & THE LICKSHOTS "I Fought The Law"
  9. Walkin' Proud
    by The Beatdown
  10. Part Time Millionaire
    by Flevans
    Invisible (feat. Laura Vane) Invisible (feat. Laura Vane)
    This album is top quality. Great vocalists, dance grooves, and plenty of soul, Flevans is on fire with this album. I love it.
  11. Fast Mixing Vol. 4
    by Don Julio
    Baba boom Baba boom
    super cool and groovy reggae
  12. Newtown Rocksteady EP
    by Newtown Rocksteady
  13. Goin' Steady
    by Newtown Rocksteady
  14. Dub Princess Aotearoa
    by Dub Princess
  15. Satingarona Part.1
    Nowa [canta Maik Cel] Nowa [canta Maik Cel]
    ¡Bravo! The Latin rhythms and soul on this album take me to a smoky cocktail bar in Havana. As groovy and cool as the Buena Vista Social Club.
  16. Now is the Time !
    Up in the Kids room Up in the Kids room
    Cet album de Two Tone Club est très bon. This is a boisterous, foot-stomping mix of punk, ska and reggae. It is full of attitude, punchy, snappy beats, fuzzy guitar and horns. Formidable!
  17. Come As You Are
    by The Hempolics
    I love what the Hempolics have done with this classic song. Wonderful.
  18. The Altruistic Soul Sound of...
    by Pama International
  19. Gaia
    by Dojo
    Stunning debut. Lush soundscapes, sweet vocals, smooth sax, driving rhythms, and sparkly production. Inspirational songs. Love it.
  20. Turn me on
    by The Kinky Coo Coo's