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  1. Jeez
    by Jeez
    Moth Moth
    memories of being warm and stoned in a garage listening to your friends play music, driving from grand rapids to chicago and getting stuck in a thought loop in that part of indiana where everything looks the same, adult super stores on the side of I-94, the first warm day in spring, the feeling of waking up in the cold for class in the winter but being glued to your bed
  2. Holy Ghost
    by Dirt Room
    i would fuck this track if i could
    appears in 1 other collection
  3. People Are Deceitful
    by Candy Ambulance
  4. Blessed Suffering
    by pill friends
    Rituals Rituals
  5. Islegeetchee
    by Suzies
    Sweet Scent Sweet Scent
  6. Dying Towns of the Midwest (Remastered)
    by Ministry of Interior Spaces
    Hudsonville Static Hudsonville Static
  7. Dying
    by Lady Bones
    Wet Wet