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    by Two Fingers vs. Muadeep
    Delia Delia
    2 tracks in and bought it on the spot. I'm not huge into bass music, but this tickles the ear drums in a way that excites the body. Energy distilled into a sonic medium. Uggghhhh give me more.
  2. NightWAVs
    by woob
  3. The Longing Device
    by Reid Willis
  4. Metropol
    by Void Comp
    High Relief High Relief
    Heard High Relief by chance and immediately sought out the album. Reminiscent of Beacon, Tender, and others in the same vein. Dreamy vocals with layered synths that evoke a strong sense of nostalgia. Will be on repeat for a while.
  5. Timeproof
    by Ital Tek
  6. The Shacks EP
    by The Shacks
  7. Particles EP
    by M.O.O.N.
  8. Duality
    by Luna Li
  9. BLUSH
    by PVA
  10. Origins
    by Skalpel
  11. Vessel
  12. Deft 1s
    by Commodo
  13. Do Not Lay Waste To Homes...
    by El Huervo
  14. Promises
    by Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders & The London Symphony Orchestra
  15. The Next Billion Years Rework
    by Robot Koch, Delhia de France, Alek Fin, Slow Shiver, Hugar, Snakes of Russia, Recue, Viktor Arnason
  16. The Unknowing
    by n-So
    Accidental Bond Accidental Bond
    n-So never disappoints. This is a more percussive outing and what feels like a creative step forward for the artist. Snappy, well paced, and crisp.
  17. Steeped Sky, Stained Light
    by DIM
    Hurling Haven Hurling Haven
    Beautiful. DIM's DNA is clear throughout, but it's evident that he's tampered with it. Evolved maybe. The story here is more nebulous, yet the production and sound design demand greater attention. Lots of interesting dissonance throughout juxtaposed by the angelic choir. A standout in every way.
  18. live @tremenss exhibition - la clef 2021
    by parhelic shell
    part VI part VI
    Random find, but so impressed with the soundscapes these artists are crafting here. The opening track just blew me away and VI is a real treat too.
  19. Peccadilloes
    by Banjo Lucia
    Lion Boy Lion Boy
    Incredible voice and lyrics that aren't cheap throw away lines repeated ad nauseum. Lion Boy for me is a beautiful stand out...I swear I can feel the emotion she puts into that song every time I listen.
  20. Sand
    by Balthazar
    Powerless Powerless
    Stumbled across these guys and am happy I did. Catchy harmonies, lyrics are decent (at times satirical) and you can place this on repeat without growing immediately dissatisfied. Good stuff!