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  1. Talk to Me
    by Editrix
  2. Shattered Dimension
    by The Flying Luttenbachers
  3. Daughter of Ocean
    by EchoTest
  4. Merci EP
    by Datachoir
  5. Prefigurative Purgatory
    by olivia w-b
  6. Rong / Landowner Split
    by Midnight Werewolf Records
    Rong - ༼ ༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ༽ Rong - ༼ ༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ༽
    shreds and rocks
  7. An Alignment Of Polarity
    by Rule Them All
  8. Pornoviolence
    by Rest Ashore
  9. Blueprint For Change
    by Rule Them All
  10. Ache of Eternity
    by Vatican
  11. Actual Form
    by Actual Form
  12. Trash Generator
    by Tera Melos
  13. Vacationland
    by Gummy
  14. body
    by Jr. Elkins
    appears in 1 other collection
  15. Vai! Vai! Va! (Musica dal filmato originale)
    by Tredici Bacci
  16. The Thirteen Kisses EP
    by Tredici Bacci
  17. Slumberland
    by Gummy
  18. I Hope All Of Your Dreams Come True
    by Nina Ryser
  19. Jerry Blindfold (Nina Ryser / Nathan Ventura)
    by Nina Ryser
  20. Trading Basics
    by Palm
  21. Don't Eat My Friends
    by Big Neck Police
  22. FECKIN WEIRDO: Nnamdi's spectral adventures through a pubulous conundrum, canceling out the burrowing burden and ambiguity of his pre-zuberant tooth shine.
    by NNAMDÏ
  23. kawai that claps
    by Lily Konigsberg
  24. Tough Love
    by Forth Wanderers
  25. Strengths
    by Invalids
    by Moon Tooth
    by Moon Tooth
  28. June Highs
    by Toasted Plastic
  29. Tigers EP
    by Oshwa
  30. ...thanksgiving ep
    by Oshwa
  31. Renaissance Sound II
    by Renaissance Sound
  32. Renaissance Sound
    by Renaissance Sound
  33. lava land
    by piglet
  34. There's No 666 In Outer Space
    by Hella
  35. Retcon
    by Mylets
  36. Drugs / Complex
    by Tera Melos
  37. X'ed Out
    by Tera Melos

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  1. Bye Bye Berta
    by Palberta