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  1. Remain
    by Stephan Mathieu
    Remain Remain
  2. Only The Strong (Deluxe Edition)
    by Thor
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    Knock Em' Down Knock Em' Down
    A great collection on flawless vinyl by Thor, the hardest man in rock history. After 44 years, he's still rock 'n' roll's best kept secret.
  3. Clouds
    by Gaussian Curve
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    Talk To The Church Talk To The Church
  4. Whispers Fall
    by Cousin Silas
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    Allowing Time Allowing Time
  5. Uptown
    by Trevor de Brauw
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    They Keep Bowing They Keep Bowing
  6. Pink Mammoth
    by Pelican
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    Pink Mammoth Pink Mammoth
  7. coast/range/arc
    by loscil
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    Stave Peak Stave Peak
    Loscil at his finest. Vast expanses free of time signatures. Sprawling sonic landscapes that require attention. Highly recommended.
  8. Anywhere But Where I Am
    by Foreign Fields
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    From The Lake To The Land From The Lake To The Land
  9. (2016) Kreuzblut
    by Mathias Grassow
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    Prologue Prologue
  10. The Past Is Gone and The Future Is Not Yet Here
    by Oxherding
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    The Past is Gone The Past is Gone
  11. Endless Falls
    by loscil
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    Endless Falls Endless Falls
  12. EREBUS
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    Aether Aether
  13. Khmaoch
    by ProtoU
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    Bridge of Storms Bridge of Storms
  14. Disintegrating Landscape
    by Panabrite
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    Disintegrating Landscape (Part 1) Disintegrating Landscape (Part 1)
  15. Lost Here
    by protoU
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    Lost Here Lost Here
  16. Australasia
    by Pelican
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    NightEndDay NightEndDay
    by Jefre Cantu-Ledesma
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  18. Jefre Cantu Ledesma - Songs of Remembrance
    by Psychic Troubles Tapes
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    Songs of Remembrance A Songs of Remembrance A
    This collection of short recordings shines with lush swirling guitars drenched in reverb, drum tracks and more. It is in those recordings that one wishes they'd go on indefinitely. Other passages feature glitch aspects that, in my opinion, are sometimes a bit jarring. The former is found in more abundance, and all in all this is a fine collection and well worth twice the floor asking price.
  19. 1979: Remixed
    by Deru
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    1979 (On a Snowy February Day) 1979 (On a Snowy February Day)
  20. Unchained
    by Thor
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    Anger Anger
    What a steal. Beautiful orange vinyl, great liner notes and cool comic. Thor may have gotten one of the rawest deals in the industry, but it's great to see his albums reissued with such care -- as this is. Unchained is a great collection of straight ahead viking-inspired rock tunes that are decidedly catchy. Fans of early metal should grab hold. Thor the man, Thor the band and Thor the concept are all worth checking out. Bonus materials are a cool addition.
  21. Late Night Innominate, Volume One
    by Sam KDC
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    Untitled Untitled
    A beautiful collection of tracks that are both stark and powerful. Each track boasts enough texture to allow the selections to stand alone while still, collectively, adding to the album's entirety. A mature, disciplined creation that's perfect for warm weather and sunsets. A favorite in my ambient collection. The first untitled track is worth the price of admission.
  22. Live at Empty Bottle December 15, 2015
    by Pelican
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    Last Day Of Winter Last Day Of Winter
  23. The Obsidian Monolith of Grief
    by No Funeral
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    Naked Virgin (Safely in Bed) Naked Virgin (Safely in Bed)
  24. Bee Control
    by Bee Control
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    Give Up Your Hold Give Up Your Hold
  25. Humboldt Park
    by Teith
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    Build Me a Tower and Give Me a Gun Build Me a Tower and Give Me a Gun
  26. Arktika
    by Pelican
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    The Creeper The Creeper