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  1. A Beautiful Revolution [Part 1]
    by Common
    Add Common to the list of artists (SAULT, TBG, Slauson Malone, etc) stepping up and making revolutionary statements when we need them the most.
  2. Color De Trópico Compiled By El Drágon Criollo & El Palmas
    by El Palmas Music
    Guajira Con Arpa Guajira Con Arpa
    Didn't know I needed an amazing portal into the world of Venezuelan music, but glad I found this.
  3. Love and Hate in a Different Time
    by Gabriels
    Love and Hate in a Different Time Love and Hate in a Different Time
    EP of the year, no question.
  4. [21]
    by dublab
    Let The Sun Shine In Let The Sun Shine In
    Shouts to the dublab crew...great comp. Jimetta's joint is worth the price of admission alone.
  5. Pardon My French
    by Jahari Masamba Unit
    Drums: Karriem Riggins + Instruments: Madlib. Don't need to know anything else!
  6. Take One
    by Hallelujah Chicken Run Band
    Alikulila Alikulila
    As always, Analog Africa for the win!
  7. The Many
    by The Many
    Niños Indigo - Calma Todo va a Pasar Niños Indigo - Calma Todo va a Pasar
    Kudos to the compilers for such a deep selection and for donating to several worthy causes.
  8. Folk
    by Ultramarine
    Timeless. Great way to start a label.
  9. Every Mouth Teeth Missing
    by Call Super
  10. Glass Flowers
    by Elysian Spring
    Blue Sands Blue Sands
    A modal GP favorite. Nice to have on wax without needing to take out a 2nd mortgage.
  11. Segundas Impressões
    by Skymark (Modern Sun Records)
    Dopamina com teclas, sem tela Dopamina com teclas, sem tela
    Nearly lost my Brazilian jazz lovin’ pants when the funky disco joint kicks in (track 7).
  12. Bichos
    by Raúl Monsalve y los Forajidos
    Bocón ft. Luzmira Zerpa Bocón ft. Luzmira Zerpa
    Afro-Venezuelan smasher with big horns, big drums, great vocals, and tasty bass lines. Nice one, Raúl.
  13. Rastilho
    by Kiko Dinucci
    Olodé Olodé
    Wow, the things you can do with an acoustic guitar...
  14. The Shadows and The Light
    by Quin Kirchner
    Sahara Sahara
    More evidence that there’s clearly something in the water in Chicago.
  15. No Moon At All, What A Night
    by Shcaa
  16. Ritual Music (EP | 2020)
    by Christopher Port
    Slid Slid
    Waaaaht is this?!?!? Spiritual breakbeat jazz freak out. Essential, obviously. Also, nice sweater, Christopher.
  17. Stéphane San Juan & Sambacool
    by Stéphane San Juan & Sambacool
    Milestones Milestones
    When you’re not busy playing nightly with David Byrne, or recording as Os Ritmistas, and appearing in many other projects, you skillfully samba’fy some classic tunes, of course.
  18. Azymuth JID004
    by Azymuth, Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Adrian Younge
    Ao Redor Do Samba Ao Redor Do Samba
    The kings of Brazilian fusion meet Adrian and Ali for an era and genre-crossing stone cold classic. And the vinyl packaging is EPIC.
  19. Government Tropicana
    by Lex Amor
    Odogwu (Prod. Josette Joseph) Odogwu (Prod. Josette Joseph)
  20. JISR جسر too far away (free soul inc.006 / spirits high above series I )
    by JISR جسر