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  1. Songs And Chants For The Common Good
    by Anthony Ward
    The Face In The Leaves The Face In The Leaves
  2. Beauty & Power
    by Magdalena Atkinson
    I follow my path I follow my path
  3. Tufa Tales: Appalachian Fae
    by Tuatha Dea
    The Hum and the Shiver The Hum and the Shiver
    Thank you for this fantastic CD, because I am a storyteller of the Old Goddesses and Gods of Scotland we have a close ties with the Irish story's BB Andy from Scotland
  4. Eas
    by Iain Morrison
    To the Sea To the Sea
  5. The E.P Digital Download
    by Connla
    The Drunken Piper The Drunken Piper
  6. Live at Cullen Park House
    by Woodwife
    Prologue Prologue
  7. Steer by the Stars
    by Telling the Bees
    Windflower Windflower
  8. When My Magic's Down
    by David CW Briggs
    If I Could Be If I Could Be
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