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  1. New York, New York
  2. Punk
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  1. two songs
    by i tried to smell the flowers but the petals scraped my corneas out
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  2. Red Tape
    by Redbait
  3. Barbarism Supreme: The Prevailing Age of Unrelenting Annihilation of Abhorrent Nationalism
    by Gaylord
  4. The Age of Men is Over
    by Feminazgul
  5. Mourning Cloak
    by Underdark
  6. The Black Metal Scene Needs to Be Destroyed
    by Gaylord
  7. White Nationalism is for Basement Dwelling Losers
    by Neckbeard Deathcamp
  8. 3 way split w/ Meatus & Coronary Thrombosis
    by Hit-Run Drivers
  9. Eye Popping Noisecore
    by Scab Addict
    *Hits drumsticks three times* ~ n o i s e ~ x139
  10. demo #1
    by sans visage
  11. demo #2
    by sans visage
  12. Demography
    by The Exploration
    Watching It Pass Watching It Pass
    The vocals are emotional and hardhitting. The guitars are twinkly. The drums are minimal but know when to come in.

    The band is underrated in the skramz/emo scene, but being able to listen to them after they were taken off spotify brings great joy. Great band.
  13. Things Will Never Be Like They Were Two Summers Ago
    by Intern
  14. black stain
    by hereissomethingbehindyoudifinitely
    black stain black stain
    This band knows what they're good at and excel in it (the skramz/emoviolence sound). They also are able to move around with what they are comfortable with and experiment with the sound. This can be see in this EP, with the first two tracks being the skramz sound they've perfected in their own way, as well with the final track, being a blend of post-hardcore, skramz, and even blackgaze music at times.
    The last track is by far the most beautifully haunting sound in the entire discography.

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  15. Senza // Antiphony 2017
    by Senza
  16. Senza // Akira 2017
    by Senza
  17. s/t
    by Senza
  18. 2016 Tape
    by Senza
  19. Even a Worm Will Turn
    by Senza
  20. Misornithist
    by Senza
  21. Cutting Edge
    by NoNoNo
    by hereissomethingbehindyoudifinitely
    lumpen lumpen
    Noisy and lo-fi sound that’s fast and hits hard. Lumpen and no grind, no life are top tracks for just how hard they hit
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  23. The First Two EPs
    by Lay It On The Line
  24. 4songs
    by MEIAN
  25. Baby, Please Kill Me / 14 Rocking Anthems
    by Baby, Please Kill Me
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  26. freestyle EP
    by hereissomethingbehindyoudifinitely
    reset in sleep puking (negero de reset) reset in sleep puking (negero de reset)
    Much cleaner sound then the previous LP, but the hardhitting emotion still persists. Has a much more defined skramz sound to it, which suits the vocals perfectly
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  27. All Ten
    by William Bonney
    Drug Lord Drug Lord
    Lyrics, instruments, vocals, and the emotion that exudes from all of these aspects is tremendous, and rightfully places this band and this album as a staple of modern skramz/emo music.

    Certainly recommend this album to anyone looking into the skramz/hardcore emo genre.