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Stewart Lawson

  1. Cambridge, Ontario
  2. Metal
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  1. Aeon
    by Rogue
    Archetype Archetype
  2. Tenebris // Lux
    by Messengrs
    5 Stones 5 Stones
  3. Super 90' - Complete Bass Transcription (digital)
    by Kadinja
    The Modern Rage (without bass) The Modern Rage (without bass)
  4. Azur Collection
    by Krosia
    Azur Azur
  5. Willow
    by Reflections
  6. You Can (Not) Die
    by Bleeding Skies
    Asuka Asuka
  7. On Circles
    by Caspian
    Wildblood Wildblood
  8. Sentience
    by Von Citizen
  9. From Nihil
    by [STÖMB]
    Final Transmission Final Transmission
  10. Amplifier
    by Lost Years
    Red Horizon Red Horizon
  11. Shaman
    by Arcis
    Animation Animation
  12. Stratford Ct. | Secret Selection #41​-​50
    by Ѕtratford Ct.
    Special Q - Reach The Top Special Q - Reach The Top
  13. Fascination
    by Sellorekt/LA Dreams
    Simple Wishes Simple Wishes
  14. Rebel Nights
    Peach Ice Peach Ice
  15. The Program
    by Sellorekt/LA Dreams
    Michelle Michelle
  16. Elegant
    by Arcis
    Holiday Holiday
  17. Arcis
    by Arcis
    Atlantic Sun Atlantic Sun
  18. III
    by Kalax
    Signs (feat. Future Punk, McRocklin) Signs (feat. Future Punk, McRocklin)
  19. Illuminate
    by Anup Sastry
    Illuminate (Instrumental) Illuminate (Instrumental)
  20. Mend
    by A Sense of Purpose
    An Apparition An Apparition