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  1. Book of Romance and Dust
    by Exit North
  2. Anyway, Still
    by Exit North
  3. A Senseless Procession
    by Vale
  4. The End of Days
    by Matt Elliott
    The End of Days The End of Days
    My love of everything Matt Elliot predates my induction to the more abrasive ABM sounds but in everything I listen to there is an overarching theme of love, passion and loss. And The End of Days is a return to the form that brought us The Songs Trilogy with a multitude of instruments to pluck on your heat strings.
    Quite Exquisite Matt - Thank you !
  5. Somewhere Along Our Memory
    by Sadness
  6. Rose / Lavender
    by Sadness
  7. Abandoned in Spring
    by Corvus Corone
  8. Morphogenetic Fractal Hologram
    by Fugit
  9. Anima
    by Cora's Heart
  10. Etter Lys
    by Ingrina
  11. Siste Lys
    by Ingrina
  12. VERTIGE - Y'en a un peu plus j'vous le laisse ?
    by Transcendance
  13. VERTIGE - Aux Solitaires !
    by Transcendance
    Vertige Vertige
    Another first ! Two actually ! I learned my lesson about giving an album some breathing space ... which led to this purchace .... And my second first is buying an album after only hearing two and a half songs !! From quiet spectacular landscapes, all hell breaks loose but in a melodic and contolled fashion. Vocals are dirty (think Witcher) and the downtime is beaufiful. And now I have to go listen to the rest of the album !
  14. Tanker Som Rir Natten
    by Djevel
  15. Naa skrider natten sort
    by Djevel
    Mitt tempel av stierner og brennende maaner Mitt tempel av stierner og brennende maaner
    There is a first time for everything ! Never come across an album where I find that I am NOT enjoying a song only for that feeling to transform into LIKE and then to move into LOVE ! And you can just rinse and repeat for the whole album !! Love the abrasive parts, the acoustic parts and just ALL the parts now !!
  16. Urbergets Återskall (EP)
    by Hermóðr
  17. Through Forests of Sorrow (EP)
    by Hermóðr
  18. из тайги в тундру
    by воргашор
    Огни Печоры Огни Печоры
    This is just spectacular ... absolutely magnificent ! WIth a long road trip to make down to Yokohama this album washed over me in the rain. Today I had another long road trip through the meandering Tokyo motorways of Lost in Translation fame and again this was just perfect. On the way home with the Tokyo Skyline in the forefront and the setting sun over the mountains in the background, these deep, beautiful songs brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for creatiing this masterpiece !!
  19. Hymns To The Lunar Realm
    by Lune
  20. Isolation
    Soundtrack To Isolation Soundtrack To Isolation
    There was a stage that Coldworld went through that I didn't follow them down .... But I've come back to the fold now - where the mood is dark, and when we are treated to vocals, they too move the soul to a dark yet upliftuing place - all is now well in Coldworld !!