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  1. UNTIL MY FUNERALS BEGAN "Behind the window"
    by Silent Time Noise Rec.
  2. Катастрофа Внутри
    by Dolorangst
    Эшафот Эшафот
    After the jangling guitar opening I half expect The Cocteau Twins' Elizabeth Frazer to open the vocal set ! Either that or I am listening to some priceless 'lost' Chameleons demo from the late 80's ! Yet while the music is of that era - that period - the vocals are melodically dirty, dripping with emotion and very dark ! A new nostalgia perchance !!
  3. WitcheR – "Csendes Domb"
    by WitcheR
    Az emlékek örökké élnek (The Memories Live Forever) Az emlékek örökké élnek (The Memories Live Forever)
    Was not really sure I'd be able to choose a favorite track. I did but to be honest, this whole album is just excellent. As with Witchdance, the music is incredibly melodic and the vocals are quite filthy .... yet at the same time they match the melodies to perfection and together form a beautiful piece of work. And only appearing in seven other collectons is just plain criminal !!
  4. Witcher - "Boszorkanytanc" ("Witchdance")
    by Witcher
    Az Ejszaka Maganya (The Night's Solitude) Az Ejszaka Maganya (The Night's Solitude)
    It has to be a crime against music that this only appears in 13 other collections ! The melodies are actually quite jolly but with the blackened dirty vocals croaking along to the music the resulting synthesis creates something other worldly ! Melodic tunes that hide something very sinsiter just beneath the surface ...... an excellent find that is getting a serious amount of air play at chez Andy !
  5. Land of Death
    by Univorsum
  6. The Shortest Way
    by Evadne
    Gloomy Garden Gloomy Garden
    Think I have a new favorite ! Working from home does have its benefits when you stumble across such an accomplished band. I played this album over and over but in truth I knew I was going to have to buy it. Love the growls which accompany such beautiful melodies. There are quiet male and female clean singing interludes before explosions of power and emotion. Evadne have a winning combination here. Still not sure of my favorite track !
  7. A Mother Named Death
    by Evadne
    The Mourn Of The Oceans The Mourn Of The Oceans
    I am a sucker for a bloody good melody - for a tune that plays to my soul and growls that fit nicely over the top. Evadne have really got something here that works beautifully. This has been the only genre of music that has sung directly to me for over five years now and Evadne is the perfect example of what I love the most.
  8. The Elk
    by Thränenkind
  9. Thoughts
    by Ankhagram
    I"m a Fake I"m a Fake
    Low key. Beautiful. Depressive. Uplifting. Bursting into life. Calming. Reassuring. The reason that I love music. I think that just about explains what this album means to me !
  10. Under Ruins
    by Ankhagram
    Under Ruins (part III) Under Ruins (part III)
    Slow, measured, dark, moody and very capable of pulling the listener in to its web of total depression. There is though, somewhere deep within this suite of music, a light that shines very brightly indeed through the dark. It is a very beautuful light and a very beaufiful album !
  11. Until My Funerals Began / In Lacrimaes Et Dolor / Sepultus Est
    by Until My Funerals Began & In Lacrimaes Et Dolor & Sepultus Est
  12. In Memoriam
    by Abysmal Growls Of Despait ; In Lacrimaes Et Dolor ; Until My Funerals Began
  13. Beyond The Grave
    by In Lacrimaes Et Dolor
    Beyond The Grave Beyond The Grave
    Appears in NINE other collections. Does that mean that I am the ninth person to ever experience this understated masterpiece ? Only NINE other people have heard this album !! This has to be a crime against music ! The vocals are dirty, yet understated and together with the low key music, create some of the saddest music I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing ! Seriously, this is just such a fantastic find .... I am in love !!
  14. Promise of Autumn
    by Blaine Rohmer
    The Reaver of Worlds The Reaver of Worlds
    Why do you love the album ? I really don't know !!!! I have shunned 'pop' for many years now but still love to hear some shoegaze, or indies. This is neither and nor is it anything like its predecesor, Curse of the Rising Star. The singing is clean, and tempo is fairly high but that is not it. This album has something - I don't know what it is , but it has something that drags me deep inside and makes me listen and long may it continue to do so !
  15. Monotony Fields
    by Shape of Despair
    Reaching The Innermost Reaching The Innermost
    Been spending a lot more time at home for obvious reasons - however ridiculous they may be !! But this has given me time to work through my long wish list and right toward the end I found this album by Shape of Despair. Couldn't quite make my mind up but bandcamp let me listen to it enough times for the beauty of this slow but heavily doomladen album to sink in until I knew I needed to have it close at all times. Slow and heavy but very soothing !
  16. The Rain that falls alone...
    by Sadness
    Bewailing the Saturnine Moonlight Bewailing the Saturnine Moonlight
    Sat for many a day in my wish list. A rare and precious band that bewitch us with a mixutre of beauty and dissonance. My God this music is sad !!
  17. All fell silent, everything went quiet
    by An Autumn For Crippled Children
    None More Pale None More Pale
    Will always have time for An Autumn for Crippled Children and this album is no different. The intense style is intact as the listener gets the impression that the band are in a hurry to finish each track which must average no more than 4 minutes each. This is music for a fast drive through traffic rather than a stroll through the woods !
  18. Fallen
    by Melankoli
    Fallen I Fallen I
    The vocals are desperate but never compete with the music for attention. The melodies are beautiful and the effect is one of measured pain.
  19. Wind
    by Melankoli
    Wind Wind
    Another treasure that had been hidden away in my wishlist for far too long. Beautiful melodies complemented perfectly by the dirty singing that never attempts to overpower the music. A perfect symbiosis.
  20. Corpo-Mente
    by Corpo-Mente
    Arsalein Arsalein
    If I challenged you to listen to my entire collection and play spot the odd one out, you would invariably land here with Corpo-Mente. This music has a genre all to itself. It is out there on its own, neither tunefull nor tuneless, neither beautiful nor ugly and all of the above at the same time. Love it !!