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Andres Avellaneda Mejia

  1. Hagerstown, Maryland
  2. Metal
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  1. Hell Songs
    by Daughters
  2. 現実を超えて
    by t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者
  3. The Call Within
    by Tigran Hamasyan
  4. Nucleus
    by Deeds of Flesh
  5. Around
    by Whirr
  6. Paradox
  7. Reset/Dream EP
    by Monolithic
  8. 仮想夢プラザ
    by 仮想夢プラザ
  9. ...From The Dark Outlands
    by Old Tower
  10. Live in Leeuwarden
    by 猫 シ Corp.
  11. Spirit Possession
  12. The Fisherman Abides
    by The Breathing Effect
  13. The Order of the False Eye
    by Gigan
    this Full length picks up were "Footsteps of Gigan" left of. But this record is way more adventurous. There's a lot of avant garde riffs that remind me of Canadian death metal like Gorguts and Cryptopsy as well as psychedelic passages that bring to mind Syd Barret era Pink Floyd. There's also a lot of drone and noise elements. Gigan is one of those bands that truly define underrated art.
  14. Whirr 'Sway'
    by Whirr
  15. Relentless Mutation
    by Archspire
  16. Idol
    by Horrendous
    by Somberspawn
  18. Finsterströmung
    by Old Tower
  19. Remember
    by ev.exi
  20. Hidden History of the Human Race
    by Blood Incantation