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  1. The Clearing & The Final Epoch
    by LOCRIAN
  2. Artificial Bouquet
    by Frail Body
  3. Made In The USA EP
    by Demons_USA
  4. Falha Comum LP (LUNGS-140)
    by RAKTA
  5. PAGENINETYNINE "Document 7"
  6. Femina Furens
    by Djunah
  7. The Gray In Between
    by Jeromes Dream
  8. Obsidian Wreath
    by Infant Island
  9. An Anthology of Dead Ends
    by Botch
  10. OXBOW & Peter Brötzmann "An Eternal Reminder of Not Today / Live at Moers"
    by Sleeping Giant Glossolalia
  11. When No Birds Sang
    by Full of Hell, Nothing
  12. Emergency Numbers
    by Majority Rule
  13. The Gospel
    by Exitum
  14. unpopular parts of a pig / the digger you deep
    by mclusky
  15. The Gate
    by Pleasure Leftists
  16. _____
    by Sadness
  17. VOID
    by KEN mode
  18. PAGENINETYNINE (PG.99) & MAJORITY RULE - Document 12
  19. Cairn
    by Mizmor
  20. Interviews with David Frost
    by Majority Rule
    Progress of Elimination Progress of Elimination
    Mathy blackened hardcore before "blackened hardcore" really became a thing. Just a fantastic album. Every track is excellent.