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Andreas Eschbach

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  1. Sandbird E.P
    by The Burning Leaves
    Satisfy Satisfy
  2. Kings & Queens
    by LEAH
    Heart of Poison Heart of Poison
  3. The Burning Leaves
    by The Burning Leaves
    Midday Sun Midday Sun
    Very meditative songs. Hypnotic. Calm and soothing. Beautiful voice, too.
  4. Silos [2004]
    by Remote Spaces
    Arpematik Part 2 Arpematik Part 2
    by Alexandra Streliski
    Prélude Prélude
  6. Otherworld (EP)
    by LEAH
    The Northern Edge The Northern Edge
  7. The Man In My Head
    by Roy Dahan
    Light my way Light my way
    I've become a Roy Dahan-fan with the first album. This one was a must therefor.
  8. The Sea Closet
    by Cat Martino
    Tangerine Dress Tangerine Dress
  9. Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence
    by LEAH
    LEAH TRIBE VIP exclusive
  10. Crooked
    by Kristin Hersh
    Mississippi Kite Mississippi Kite
    THIS VOICE! And these rhythms! Hypnotic. Great.
  11. The Piano Pieces
    by Christopher Ferreira
    The Dancer The Dancer
  12. Of Earth & Angels
    by LEAH
    Prisoner Prisoner
    The blend of celtic influences with "Nightwish"-like metal appeals to me. However, I miss a bit songs that grab my attention, songs with hook-lines. Nevertheless a good album.
  13. The Wait
    by Freedom To Glide
    Wind and Gales (Rain pt3) Wind and Gales (Rain pt3)
  14. Piano
    by Sebastian Larsson
    This Empty Castle This Empty Castle
    Sebastian Larsson wrote, he produced this music because it was the kind of music he was missing. So did I! (The missing, not the producing.)
  15. From the Silence
    by Logic Gate
    Code Red Code Red
    Very strong and decisive electronic music that really sets a mood.
  16. Through the Deep, Dark Valley
    by The Oh Hellos
    In Memoriam In Memoriam
    Positive, joyful mood. I'm sure they had a lot of fun recording this. Makes me smile to listen.
  17. Wait It Out
    by Petty Victories
    Til We Lost Til We Lost
    Has some incredible good songs, and the others are very good as well. I don't get tired of hearing this album over and over.
  18. ~
    by iamthemorning
    i.b.too i.b.too
    Ordered the CD, and it came 2 weeks later in a letter from St. Petersburg, my adress handwritten by the singer! Nice. And the CD is a jewel.
  19. Some Of This Life
    by Roy Dahan
    Falling like a stone Falling like a stone
    Great album. Melancholic and powerful at the same time. I love the voice and the way he plays guitar.
  20. Yr Not Alone
    by Cat Martino
    Angel Angel
    My first discovery on Bandcamp. The singers voice reminds me of Dido, which is, for me, a plus.
    – I have to add that I like this album more and more, the more I listen to it.