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Andreas Dahlström

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  1. World Downfall (Full Dynamic Range Edition)
    by Terrorizer
  2. Sound the Alarm LP
    by Kürøishi
  3. The Summer EP
    by The Good People
  4. Implosion
    by Point Mutation
    appears in 1 other collection
  5. Warsaw Rising
    by Hail of Bullets
  6. III The Rommel Chronicles
    by Hail of Bullets
  7. The Disconnect
    by Diabolic
  8. Machines That Make Civilization Fun
    by Bigg Jus
  9. Good For Nuthin
    by The Good People
  10. Transportation
    by Your Old Droog
  11. It Wasn't Even Close
    by Your Old Droog
    by Yugen Blakrok
    by Yugen Blakrok
  14. …Of Frost and War
    by Hail of Bullets
  15. Planetary Clairvoyance
    by Tomb Mold
    FUCK!!!!! Manor was a real crusher, but this one takes it all UP A NOTCH!!!!!
    If Manor was how you tied The noose, and prepared it all, well this is then The actual fucking hanging! One word: EPIC!
  16. The SOL of Black Folk
    by SOL Development
  17. Trench
    by Fleshwolf
  18. Deathstare
    by Fleshwolf
  19. The Rot
    by Fleshwolf
  20. On Divine Winds
    by Hail of Bullets
  21. The Shape Of Hip Hop To Come
    by The Cornel West Theory
  22. Confuse & Conquer
    by Poison Idea
  23. Death Becomes My Voice
    by Ringworm
  24. The Balancing Act
    by Sadistik
  25. Haunted Gardens
    by Sadistik
  26. Undercurrent
    by Friendship
  27. The Dirty Church X Tim Hicks - Jim Vance
    by The Dirty Church X Tim Hicks
  28. Brighter Daze
    by Murs & 9th Wonder
  29. At War With Pretension
    by Fistula
    Pure filth, allways stoked when fistula unleashes new shit upon us! New Great nasty Venomous tunes, what's not to like? FISTULA keeps on waving the flag in The name of everything nasty, keep up The "lords" work!
  30. The IVth Crusade (Full Dynamic Range Edition)
    by Bolt Thrower
  31. Been Caught Buttering
    by Pungent Stench
  32. Retroactive Abortion
    by Venomous Concept
  33. Kick Me Silly; VC3
    by Venomous Concept
  34. "Club Mondo Bizarre" For Members Only
    by Pungent Stench
  35. For God Your Soul ... For Me Your Flesh
    by Pungent Stench
  36. Smut Kingdom
    by Pungent Stench
  37. Things Got Worse
    by Dope KNife
  38. Buried in Light
    by Call of the Void
  39. The World Is MIND
    by KRS-One
  40. Amputheatre (Brutal Death/Grind)
    by GUTSLIT (Mumbai, India)
  41. Honour Valour Pride
    by Bolt Thrower
  42. Helvete
    by Nasum
  43. Morbid Reich
    by VADER
  44. This Was Supposed To Be Fun
    by Epic Beard Men
  45. Season 1
    by Epic Beard Men