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  2. Electronic
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  1. Frozen Synapse: Original Soundtrack
    by nervous_testpilot
  2. The Fear of Fear
    by spiritbox
  3. Loose Threads
    by Hollow Front
  4. The Banished Vault (Original Game Soundtrack)
    by nervous_testpilot, Dreamtrak
  5. Curious Merchandise
    by Ben Prunty
  6. Descent
    by Orbit Culture
    From The Inside From The Inside
  7. MAI
    Lotus Lotus
  8. Hurtbreak Wonderland
    by world's end girlfriend
  9. resurgence.
    by Frozen Starfall
    Nachtblume (Festival Edit) Nachtblume (Festival Edit)
  10. 나는 나를 통해 우리를 보는 너를 통해 나를 본다
    by Madmans Esprit
    백골의 정원 백골의 정원
  11. The Tears of a Wyvern
    by Write Home
  12. I Loved You From The Day You Died
    by Owsey
    The Bird Who Caused A Storm The Bird Who Caused A Storm
  13. The Awakening
    by Kamelot
    Eventide Eventide
  14. Ultraviolet
    by As Everything Unfolds
    Felt Like Home Felt Like Home
  15. Heavener
    by Invent Animate
    Purity Weeps Purity Weeps
  16. The Sun Sleeps, As If It Never Was
    by Invent Animate
  17. Transmissions from a Hidden World
    by Ben Prunty
  18. Greyview
    by Invent Animate
    Dark Dark
  19. Chronicles: Rebirth (2010)
    by Owsey
  20. Run
    by Future Palace
    I'm not sure whether the 1st and 3rd song titles being switched is intentional or not.