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Nuno Miranda Ribeiro

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  1. Manifesto
    by Susan Alcorn | José Lencastre | Hernâni Faustino
  2. To Be Cruel
    by Khanate
  3. 6
    by Tylo
  4. You Look Like a Lisa
    by Tylo
  5. The Descent
    by Tylo
  6. The Thinning Veil
    by Tylo
  7. Bare Bones
    by Tylo
  8. Seekers Who Are Lovers (Tribute to Cocteau Twins)
    by The Lovecraft Sextet
  9. in and around the bosphorus. a collection of sounds
    by Rui Almeida
  10. 12012291920 / 1414101 + II: Points At Infinity
    by Nadja & Atavist
    by Archivist
  12. Through A Pre-Memory
    by ÄÄNIPÄÄ
    Stephen O'Malley and Mika Vainio's compositions are haunted by Alan Dubin's vocals in a brilliant record. And fortunately this does not feel, at all, like a metal musician colaborating with an eletronic producer/musician. Like metal music with an electronic feel. Or electronic music with some roughness. Or any of those obvious results. It is a true original work of creative genius. Two minds, colaborating, with creative freedom.
  13. Pânico-Ambiente
    by Aires & Rui P. Andrade
  14. örök
    by örök
  15. Cabeça
    by Filho da Mãe
    Cerca de abelhas Cerca de abelhas
    Filho da Mãe brings to his acoustic playing an emotional strength that make him interpret his compositions in a very physical way, that allows roughness and tension to alternate with smoothness. There is a sense of texture, of a tactile landscape, of the instrument that is played very near you, very real. The songs have repetitive patterns, beautifully conceived and executed and changing pace, which Filho da Mãe can go through with his technique in a transe like way.
  16. Taking the Pot
    by Blackwolfgoat
  17. Dronolith
    by Blackwolfgoat
    Dronolith Dronolith
    Great guitars to let yourself be immersed into. Electricity pulsing.
  18. Split with Venowl
    by Cara Neir
  19. Usnea / Ruins Split
    by Usnea
  20. Random Cosmic Violence
    by Usnea
    Random Cosmic Violence Random Cosmic Violence
    At the same time, more experienced and more willing to experiment, Usnea were able to come up with an album that is darker and somber. Black metal's presence and influence is a lot more discrete, compared to the first album. Songs are all different. There is great composition and melodic strength. This confirms what the first album promised: here is a band that can contribute to the metal universe in its own original way.