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  1. Rumspringa
    by She Spread Sorrow
    I love this sound!!! Takes me away!!!

    Thank you
  2. Drug Induced Sex Rituals
    by Bradbury
    Columbus Columbus
    I really Needed this!!!

    Thank you
  3. Tenebrae Vision
    by Cyberaktif
    Dis Coarse Illusion Dis Coarse Illusion
    THIS IS AMAZING, This is IT!

    One of the best grooves with all of the fillings
  4. PAIN TEENS Obliviated
    by Bliss Blood
    Daughter of Chaos Daughter of Chaos
  5. 13.13
    by Lydia Lunch
    Really Amazing Album, Nice to hear the live tracks!!!
  6. Pinheads On The Move
    by Tuxedomoon
    Absolute classic!!!!

    Thank you!!!
  7. Laborandum
    by Phil Western
  8. Ex Nihilo
    by Bruce Gilbert
  9. Duke Of York
    by HOX
  10. Deceit / Struktur
    by Noise Unit
    Deceit Deceit
    Super Driving Straight Forward Bass With Beat.

    Great Vocals, that sound distressed, real good feel.

    Song builds on straight forward adding articulation and then the vocals start with a lovely wizardry sound of mystical lands.

    then cutting through synth sound, like a harpsichord turned on it's side.

    Punches through and sounds great.

    Comes back again with different arrangements of the wizardry magical spells-of-sounds!! All with that same driving beat and bass.
  11. Only Theatre of Pain (Remastered)
    by Christian Death
    Very nice to me ears!

    - Thank You
  12. Light As A Feather
    by Jeweled Snakes
    Starts-Out-With-Birth-of-something then Super-Springy-Sound-chirping draws me in. A bass groove that is pushing me to picture what the narrator, her voice says.

    The person who they are singing about can't move?

    Backed by male vox tones repeating what the female narrator says

    Has a feel of starting and stopping and then pushes me to expand, and listen to her voice, backed by male vox!!!

    adventures for the stiff and light

    a perfect length with a tickler feather at the end, oh no!!!
    by STACIAN
  14. Eraserhead: Original Soundtrack Recording
    by David Lynch
    Haunting soundtrack for so much use!
  15. Midori
    by She Spread Sorrow
    Night one Night one
    Minimalism meat giant!!! Smashed my brain!! Misty Haunt Clarity, Dripping, Calm, Nothings, Dark, Silence!

    I look for things to listen to and bam, here it is!!

    Female narration vocals that are in english!!!

    Mixed with other language (in some distorted use alarm-chair-blossom)!


    I like it, and sounds very expensive and brings me the visions with the sounds!!!

    thank you

    I can feel this!
  16. Unknown Room
    by Download
    When I think I understand,
    When I know I do not understand,

    This provides!!!
    Thank you!
  17. Wedding Album
    by John Lennon/Yoko Ono
  18. Pass the dust, I think I'm Bowie
    by Black Randy And The Metrosquad
    Down at the Laundrymat Down at the Laundrymat
  19. Mine
    by She Spread Sorrow
    I must be insane!!

    I am so glad this is here to hear.

    I will get back to you when I can breath again.

    "Lossing-shape""Doesn't recognize self"

    Is this self-comunication-amplified,

    a true narration in english - female voice.

    Haunt me

    thank you
  20. Microsoftcore XXXcell
    by Gel Set
    I really like this band
  21. 44 Days
    by Download
  22. Live in Eindhoven, 1980
    by Tuxedomoon
  23. Love Will Tear Us Apart
    by Joy Division
  24. Let Me Hang You
    by William S. Burroughs
  25. Adoptee
    by Phil Western
  26. Discography
    by Teenage Jesus and the Jerks
    First of all- What A great Album Cover!!!!
  27. Sacred Spells
    by Various Artists
  28. Heart of Glass
    by Blondie
    This is one of the reasons why I love bandcamp, I get to hear rare tracks like this!!!
  29. No Love Lost
    by Phil Western
  30. Marchesa B-Sides
    by Lydia Lunch
    appears in 1 other collection
  31. Live in Los Angeles, 2005
    by Tuxedomoon
  32. Our Twisted Love E.P.
    by Rose McDowall
  33. Unfinished Music No. 1: Two Virgins
    by John Lennon/Yoko Ono
    Thank you for posting this!!

    This is one of the starting-mind-positioners-for-me,

    a true repeated-listen-value-hear-here
  34. The Big Dream
    by David Lynch
  35. Corrected Idiot (1997)
    by Phil Western
  36. Snakey Wake
  37. Agitate / In Vain
    by Noise Unit
  38. Apples (Big) China Doll
    by Edward Ka-Spel
  39. Wake Up The Coma
    by Front Line Assembly
  40. Circuitry 2
    by Front Line Assembly
  41. Best Of The Damned - Oddities & Versions
    by The Damned
  42. The Insatiable Desire... For More
    by Altar De Fey
  43. Anthology
    by Trans_X
  44. On Daddy's Farm
    by Kone
  45. 4am
    by Phil Western