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  1. Hospodi
    by Batushka
  2. Панихида
    by Krzysztof Drabikowski
  3. Döden/Efter Döden
    by Mordbrand
    Efter Döden Efter Döden
    Energizing as usual. Thank you!
  4. Infesticide
    by Grave Infestation
    Still Birth Still Birth
    by Niggght
    Sloppy Drunk Sloppy Drunk
  6. Warthog
    by Warthog
  7. S/T PROMO
    by END TIMES
    Shroud of Eyes Shroud of Eyes
  8. The Nightcomers
    by Crypticus
    The Nightcomers (ft. Master Butcher of NECROGOD) The Nightcomers (ft. Master Butcher of NECROGOD)
    Thank you for this orchestra of nightmares and dread. Love everything about it! Also the cover art is tentacle and woody.
  9. Midnight Movies ep
    by Acid Witch
    Partytime Partytime
  10. With dawn comes death EP
    by Maim
  11. Reign of the Unending
    by Death Fortress
    Wrath of God Wrath of God
  12. Middle of Nowhere, Center of Everywhere
    by Acid King
  13. Enter The 37th Chamber
    by El Michels Affair
    Glaciers Of Ice Glaciers Of Ice
  14. Children of the Atom
    by Bonehunter
    This is what I am talking about!
  15. Ghoul / Ill Bill
    by Ill Bill / Ghoul
  16. Žlëd
    by Drobovina
  17. "Cerulean Salvation"
    by Tomb Mold
  18. Black Christmas Evil ep
    by Acid Witch
  19. Primordial Malignity
    by TOMB MOLD
    Clockwise Metamorphosis Clockwise Metamorphosis
  20. Culto Del Cargo
    by Culto Del Cargo
    L'era dell'uomo L'era dell'uomo
    Extremely underrated band. For me it was love on the first listen.
    appears in 1 other collection
  21. "Cryptic Transmissions"
    by Tomb Mold
    Blood Mirror Blood Mirror
    Each song is very versatile! Awesome high tempo parts. Grave sounds that need to be unleashed upon your pointless lfie.
  22. "The Moulting"
    by Tomb Mold
  23. Spectral Ecstasy
    by Black Magick SS
    The Oath The Oath
  24. Rabid Sonic Fire
    by Bonehunter
  25. Firedance
    by Kaya Project
  26. Nuke
    by NUKE
  27. Suck Cocks In Hell
    by Shitfucker
    Acid Bath Acid Bath
    This album is quite nice and the lyrics deserve some extra credit.
    Edit: This music is destruction of all morals. Alright, shit soldiers!
  28. The Black Abyss
    by Black Magick SS
  30. Descension
  31. In The Woods There Is No Law (1986 Mix)
    by Axeslasher
    Fast and harsh.
  32. Evil Triumphs Again
  33. Devil Must Be Driven Out With G.I.S.M (split ep w/ Bonehunter)
    by Shitfucker
    Annihilate! Annihilate!
    This music is destruction of all morals.
  34. Litourgiya
    by Batushka
  35. Rehearsal 2017
    by Perversion
    Migration Into Darkness Migration Into Darkness
    New stuff!
  36. Mark of the Pizzagram / Invasion of the Babesnatchers
    by Axeslasher
  37. The Drifter's Warning
    by Axeslasher
  38. Anthology of Terror, Vol. 1
    by Axeslasher
  39. Raising The Corpse
    by Ripper
    Await Your Death Await Your Death
    I just liked it from the beginning. Everything seems to be right.
  40. Hævntørst
  41. Chemical Obliteration
    by MDMA
  42. F.O.A.D - The Filthiest Of Apocalyptic Detroit
    by Shitfucker
    Bestial Ice Bestial Ice
    Did not expect that I would enjoy this filth, but this track made me a happy man again. Thank you!
    Edit: Lyrics are awesome too.
  43. Døden læger alle sår
    by Undergang
    Kogt i Blod Kogt i Blod
    This is pure death metal. Thank you!
  44. Flesh Perversion
    Cruciflesh Cruciflesh
    Smashing disgust that makes me wanna dance on a graveyard.
    This is unique and it makes me sad that there is not going to be another album.
  45. Kaleidoscope Dreams
    by Black Magick SS
    The Power The Power
    Unusial combination of elements from different genres. Thank you for sharing this gem with us.