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  1. Dances
    by 1000 GRAM
  2. year of glad
    by Jagoda
  3. Winter Cold Mourning
    by Halo of Pendor
  4. Fiery Wave
    by Bree Tranter
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  5. Peter Schmicrowave's Thousand Watt Save
    by Ass Pasty
  6. Murray Burrows
    by Ass Pasty
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  7. Capturing Ghosts
    by Siva.
  8. Antemasque
    by Antemasque
  9. Mirror Eye
    by Corwood Manual
    by Louis Baker
  11. Circular
    by Window Magic
  12. Trials
    by Mutiny On The Bounty
    Now we come to their best album so far!! oh yeah! That record makes me happy! I am just so happy that such music exists, that those guys exist. Just listen to it. One song ends and you'll be like "what the fuck that was amazing!" and then the next song starts and you're like "WHAT?? how? but the last song was amazing already - they can't all be amazing??!"
    Oh yes, they can....
  13. Danger Mouth
    by Mutiny On The Bounty
    Cruz Candelaria Cruz Candelaria
    Love thumb war - song and game!
    And I definitely adore "Cruz Candelaria"! It's a killer song ding dong!!!!
    "Instructions to sink" is my favorite title name of all albums so far and the riff already built a house inside my hearing organ.

    I guess with this band I mostly enjoy the interaction of all the surprises that are included in their boundless repertory & on the other hand the catchiness of some parts! It NEVER gets boring! Well what should I say - Awesome band!
  14. Mutiny On The Bounty/Treasure Chest At The End Of The Rainbow Split
    by Mutiny On The Bounty
    Mute In E Mute In E
    Because of those guys I'd travel the world to see them rock the stage! I will NEVER forget seeing them live - no - EXPERIENCING them live for the first time!
    You know how people say "oh those guys go crazy on stage..." - Well you haven't seen crazy if you haven't seen Mutiny yet! they are masters of movement and music! you would need 10 eyes to be able to capture everything that's going on. and I definitely love their - lets call it "creative" song titles
  15. The Spring EP
    by The Nepotist
  16. Weekend Clothes
    by The Nepotist
    Every weekend should feel like this song...and the way their voices melt into each that
  17. One Hundred Asses
    by The Nepotist
  18. Your Careless Spark
    by Your Careless Spark
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  19. Packages, or as Long as Our Eyes Are Blinking, We Do Not See the Clouds
    by Siva.
    I love you song.
    You are a gate to all the spheres I long to float in.
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  20. Spies in the Trees
    by Siva.
    Have you ever realized the beauty of the feeling you get when you sense that tears will fill your eyes - the moment before your eyes get all blurry and wet - so you can still see clearly and feel more melancholic than sad... and as soon as you realize that, you start getting goose bumps all over your body...That's what the "Opinion Leader" Remix does to me whenever I hear it, so take some quality time for listening to that one!