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Amy Solomon

  1. London, UK
  2. Alternative
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  1. About Face (LP | 2014)
    by #1 Dads
    Blood pt. 2 Blood pt. 2
    #1 Dad's sophomore effort is more poppy and electronic than 'Man of Leisure', but it still has rock influences, and it's still just as layered, textured and expressive as his debut. The album offers many chances for introspection, as well as of course simply being a beautiful collection of songs.
  2. Man of Leisure (LP | 2011)
    by #1 Dads
    Song For Two (Sung By One) Song For Two (Sung By One)
    I found #1 Dads on a random Spotify playlist and I'm happy I did. Warm and lush guitar-oriented instrumentation with gorgeous lyrics and vocals. The kinds of songs which become so personal to each individual who listens. All the songs are quite different but they all link very well together. Great textured and flowing album.
  3. About Face (LP | 2014)
    by #1 Dads