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  1. Lander, Wyoming
  2. Experimental
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  1. Feed a Pigeon, Breed a Rat
    by Zach Phillips
  2. Two Makes One: Best Of Clov (1991-1993)
    by Clov
  3. Ô
    by various artists
  4. Fragile Never Walks On The So-Called Corner Earth
    by Chris Weisman
  5. SOCRATE by Erik Satie arranged for two pianos by John Cage
    by Tania Caroline Chen & John Tilbury
  6. Exit from the Ultra-World
    by Perfect Angels
  7. Degrees Of Freedom Found
    by "Blue" Gene Tyranny
  8. Excavation
    by Ben Monder
  9. Wet Casements
    by Chris Weisman
  10. Ton Of Perspective
    by Chris Weisman
  11. One Long Continuous Color Noise Foaming In The Direction Of The Beatles
    by Chris Weisman
  12. Beyond Accurate
    by Chris Weisman
  13. Reality (U.S.)
    by Robert Stillman
  14. Bright Star
    by Isnaj Dui
  15. Sequent Toil
    by Chris Weisman
  16. Skullsplitter
    by Eric Chenaux
  17. Guitar & Voice
    by Eric Chenaux
  18. Tabbed View
    by Ryan Garbes
  19. Chapter Eleven
    by Robert Turman
  20. First Encounters
    by Spiral Wave Nomads