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Amplitude Problem

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  1. Retronomic Time Adventure
    by Damokles
    Retronomic Time Adventure Retronomic Time Adventure
    Another hit from Damokles and an excellent preview of what's to come on the next album!
  2. Phenomenal Star-Force
    by Gerald Kaye (Tekkaxe)
    Phenomenal Star-Force! Phenomenal Star-Force!
  3. 30 Days Beat Tape - Volume III
    by Max James
    Soaring Soaring
  4. 30 Days Beat Tape - Volume II
    by Max James
    Wonderland Wonderland
    appears in 1 other collection
  5. 30 Days Beat Tape - Volume I
    by Max James
    Other Side Other Side
  6. Late Night EP
    by San Dingo
    Tuesday Night Chills Tuesday Night Chills
    Thank you, San Dingo! Here's my take on this insane EP:

    Tuesday Night Chills - If Jan Hammer just started making music today, it might sound like this

    Robotic Dolphin Dance - Impossibly happy energy from such a minimalist track

    Late Night - If there was a lounge onboard the spaceship in FTL, this is what they'd be jammin

    Midnight Showdown - Dance-y and Power Glove-y at the same time

    Headache - Super groovy dance track with a badass FM bass
    appears in 1 other collection
    by New Horizons Records
    Operation Sundevil Operation Sundevil
  8. Island Universe
    by Syntax
    Andromeda Andromeda
  9. Blue Bots Dots
    by Amplitude Problem
    Tire Shine Tire Shine
  10. Grid Knights
    by Retro Promenade
    Run Arcade // MSTR PGM Run Arcade // MSTR PGM
  11. EP III
    by Carpenter Brut
    Division Ruine Division Ruine
  12. The Violence Suppressor EP
    by Irving Force
    Crime Scanner Crime Scanner
    Once in a while, you have to throw money at something, and this EP is worth it. If "All" was an option under "favorite track", I'd choose that. Support this guy.
  13. Future Noob
    by San Dingo
    Curtains Closing Curtains Closing
    San Dingo nails it again with another unique take on retro-future synth music. This is not just another clone but something clearly infused with a lot of personal musicianship.
  14. Carpenter
    by Retro Promenade
    Back Alley Creepers Back Alley Creepers
  15. 195
    by OGRE
    Negotiation's Over Negotiation's Over
  16. Electric Atlantic
    by Phaserland
    Hot Stunner - Feat Nikki Dodds Hot Stunner - Feat Nikki Dodds
  17. The Next Peak Vol I (Twin Peaks Tribute)
    by Retro Promenade Various Artists
    Twin Peaks Theme Twin Peaks Theme
  18. Neon Highway EP
    by San Dingo
    Neon Highway Neon Highway
    San Dingo introduces us to his own personal take on synthwave with beautiful harmonies on top of engaging bass lines and percussion. The title track has an undercurrent of Alphaville flowing through its veins and it's gorgeous.
  19. Pretty Eight Machine SE
    by Inverse Phase
    Head Like I/O Head Like I/O
  20. Pickled Punk
    by dicepticon
    Space Drifter Space Drifter
  21. Products of Science
    by Supercommuter
    DMG We Trust In Thee DMG We Trust In Thee
  22. earthbound - adventures of the sound stone vol. 1
    by ytcracker
    earthbound earthbound