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Anders M. Nordli

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  1. The Room of Shadows
    by Pagan Altar (Official)
    by ISON
  3. Song of the Crippled Bull
    by Black Crown Initiate
  4. Big Blue
    by Prism Tats
    Another simple electronic rock song from Prism Tats. Don't let the word "simple" fool you though, the music is grand and the songs by PT are often quite catchy.

    Big Blue is no exception, being a more laid-back tune, there's a lot of sonic stuff happening. There are details giving you something a little extra for each listen-through.
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  5. Never Been A Heartbreaker
    by Prism Tats
    Never Been A Heartbreaker is by far my favorite Prism Tats song (for now). This one has it all: heavy guitar, good lyrics, a chorus that sticks, and nice variation throughout the song. It'll turn your feet into stomping maniacs too.

    It's almost a shame it's so short, the 2:31 goes by way too fast.
  6. Way Back Home (Single Edit)
    by Misery Loves Co
  7. Only Happy When It Rains
    by Misery Loves Co
  8. Suburban Breakdown
    by Misery Loves Co
  9. Would You?
    by Misery Loves Co
    The news of Misery Loves Co. releasing music again was extremely unexpected.

    I've been a huge fan ever since their first album, and I still am - this new song is amazing! It's like MLC never left the scene at all, and I'm looking forward to more and more and more music in the future.

    I consider MLC to be one of the best industrial metal acts.... ever!
  10. The Throne Within
    by Ram
  11. The Great War
    by Sabaton
  12. Throes
    by Aseethe
  13. Birth of Violence
  14. Rujnuj
    by Dzivia
  15. Панихида
    by Krzysztof Drabikowski
  16. E.E.T.
    by Troldhaugen
  17. DEMO
    by Kroda
  20. Futha
    by Heilung
  21. Songs for the Dead: Live at The Fillmore in Philadelphia
    by King Diamond
  22. Just Passing By & Unreleased Requiems
    by Lethian Dreams
  23. Grand Declaration of War (2018 Remaster)
    by The True Mayhem
  24. In Retrospect
    by Nikola Cvetkovic
  25. Skald
    by Wardruna
  26. IV - Mythologiæ - (2019 REDUX)
    by Slow
  27. Alligator Blood (Original Version)
    by Nicole Dollanganger
  28. It's always Christmas time
    by Ministry
  29. Great Escape (Digital Deluxe Version)
    by Crippled Black Phoenix
  30. Heart Shaped Bed (Side B)
    by Nicole Dollanganger
  31. Live in Philadelphia 7-26-18
    by The Hold Steady
  32. Live in Philadelphia 7-27-18
    by The Hold Steady
  33. Live in Chicago 6-15-17
    by The Hold Steady
  34. Live in Chicago 6-16-17
    by The Hold Steady
  35. Confusion in the Marketplace b/w T-Shirt Tux
    by The Hold Steady
  36. The Stove & The Toaster b/w Star 18
    by The Hold Steady
  37. Thrashing Thru The Passion
    by The Hold Steady
  38. Direct Memory Access
  39. Infinite Games
    by The Black Queen
  40. Litourgiya
    by Batushka
  41. Slaves To Solitude
    by Eye Of Solitude
  42. Up. Out. [Radio Edit]
    by Opus of a Machine
  43. No Need to Reason
    by Kontinuum
  44. Ordinary Corrupt Human Love
    by Deafheaven
  45. JORD
    by MØL