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  1. Soft Sounds From Another Planet
    by Japanese Breakfast
    Road Head Road Head
  2. I.
    by Cigarettes After Sex
    Nothing's Gonna Hurt You Baby Nothing's Gonna Hurt You Baby
  3. Light We Made
    by Balance and Composure
    Midnight Zone Midnight Zone
    Reminds me of 2000s pop music at times xD but gee I'm certainly satisfied
  4. Luna & the Wild Blue Everything
    by Mat Kerekes
    The Clubs/The People's Attention The Clubs/The People's Attention
    I was actually surprised because I thought this was just going to be a silly little acoustic project that would be nowhere near as good as Citizen. Of course, I was wrong. I love how he keeps up the variation in his vocal style.
  5. Return to Love
    by LVL UP
    She Sustains Us She Sustains Us
    What a cute band <3
  6. Break
    by Slingshot Dakota
    You You
    God this album is catchy xD
  7. Burden Piece
    by CLIQUE
    Boundaries Boundaries
    So relatable lmfao
  8. Cody
    by Joyce Manor
    Eighteen Eighteen
    too good, too good
  9. Psychopomp
    by Japanese Breakfast
    In Heaven In Heaven
    Perfect to listen to in bed on a saturday morning
  10. Time Spent
    by Frameworks
    Time Spent Time Spent
    incredibly catchy
  11. I Am A Nightmare
    by Brand New
    You can tell it's the end of the band's career but I mean...
  12. Holy Ghost
    by Modern Baseball
    What If... What If...
    Perfect - exactly what I was hoping for (and my hopes were like 665748394587674839485767483957 metres high, for real)
  13. White Hot Moon
    by Pity Sex
    White Hot Moon White Hot Moon
    So easy to whistle to xD
  14. It Kindly Stopped For Me
    by Sorority Noise
    Fource Fource
    makes me feel like laying down and going to sleep
  15. The Window Room
    by secret space
    The Window Room The Window Room
    I listened to this album and nothing but this album for > a month because of the chorus of 'The Window Room', 'I've Come Around' and 'Beyond the Display'. I mean... jeez xD how catchy can you get