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  1. Some Kind Of Forever
    by Euglossine
    Tiny Cat Tiny Cat
  2. Untitled Spring EP
    by DIM GRIMM
  3. Cite
    by DIM GRIMM
    Awe Law Awe Law
    I imagine this to be the soundtrack to a hand-drawn, dystopian adventure.
  4. Untitled Summer EP
    by DIM GRIMM
    Aularausch Aularausch
    Always a pleasure to hear the sounds of Dim Grimm.
  5. Perlissop III
    by DIM GRIMM
  6. Gamut Sap | Oands
    by DIM GRIMM
  7. Perlissop II
    by DIM GRIMM
  8. Perlissop
    by DIM GRIMM
  9. Wonne-Suite
    by DIM GRIMM
    Wie Perlmuttgarn Wie Perlmuttgarn
  10. S'zeigtübercho-Suite
    by DIM GRIMM
  11. Gamut Sap
    by DIM GRIMM
    Neuna Neuna
  12. Wears House
    by Daedelus
    Revisionist Rave (Side A) Revisionist Rave (Side A)
  13. Images du Futur
    by SUUNS
  14. Plunder, Beg, And Curse
    by Colour Revolt
    Innocent and All Innocent and All
  15. The Last Flowers From The Darkness (MR-065)
    by Mark Van Hoen
    Channel Of Light Channel Of Light
  16. A l'amitié
    by Aquaserge
    Travelling Travelling
  17. The Milk-Eyed Mender
    by Joanna Newsom
  18. SV
    by Sweet Valley
  19. Oh Vanille / ova nil
    by Diane Cluck
    easy to be around easy to be around
  20. The Hex
    by Richard Swift