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  1. Sleep While You Can
    by Blue Canopy
    by ツチノコプロ
    by ツチノコプロ
    Abstract Reflection Song Abstract Reflection Song
    All super unique and really awesome to listen to while traveling or doing work. Can’t wait for the next volume!
  4. V.A. Stay (Breaktime & Daybreak)
    by ツチノコプロ
    Absolutely awesome vibe from this! Can’t wait to hear more! ❤️❤️🎵
  5. You
    by Andrew Huang
  6. Grounds
    by White Noises
    by ツチノコプロ
  8. Minecraft
    by C418
  9. Mirror Monster
    by Deerhoof
  10. Paul Jones with Leon Boykins and Rajiv Jayaweera
    by Paul Jones
    The Process The Process
    Incredible and retro sounding album! If you are a fan of classic jazz artists like John Coltrane, Miles Davis, the Dave Brubeck Quartet, etc, you NEED to give this a listen, it is so good!
  11. Stalliana
    by mamarazzi
    Michael Jordan (get your fuNck on) Michael Jordan (get your fuNck on)
    Mix of an excellent rapper and an amazing band really goes well together! Great Album!
  12. Kaleidoscope
    by Superfluous Motor
    Kaleidoscope Part 1 Kaleidoscope Part 1
    This is probably the best fusion album I have ever heard! Good job you guys!
  13. Rainbowgram
    by Andrew Huang
    This is so awesome! The way it was made is so interesting and the product is so awesome!
  14. something
    by kordz
    I love how dynamic and melodic it is at points and then the "False Drop" is probably the best of its kind so far! In general, I love it!
  15. Stars
    by Andrew Huang
  16. 2020
    by The Colours That Rise
  17. The Sweetest Meditation Remixes
    by Lord Echo
    The Sweetest Meditation (Julien Dyne Remix) The Sweetest Meditation (Julien Dyne Remix)
    Really cool discography! I really like it!
  18. 2
    by Mac DeMarco
    Freaking Out The Neighborhood Freaking Out The Neighborhood
    This is very nice easy listening track! Really glad I got this
  19. Cosmopolitain
    by Kamil Rustam
  20. Verse
    by Really From
    Thumbnail Thumbnail
    Love this Jazz Fusion sort of vibe I get from this Album! Really nice job