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  1. Eyes
    by Jason McCue
  2. wooden apex
    by pyramyd
  3. The Mountain forces the Future, and the Force causes the Rain
    by Mi Mye
  4. Picking Daisies
    by Shelly Bhushan
    appears in 1 other collection
  5. The Shelly Show
    by Shelly Bhushan
  6. Sound
    by Niall Connolly
  7. I Should Watch My Step (The Covers EP Vol 2)
    by Warren Malone
  8. Myth & Wisdom
    by Blue Moods
  9. Out On A Limb (covers vol:1)
    by Warren Malone
  10. Black Earth
    by Azurescens
  11. Searching For Device
    by Nik Freitas
    After the Fire After the Fire
    I'm a huge fan of Nik Freitas. I recommend a deep dive on all his jams. As for this release, "After the Fire" is the immediate stand out (for me). I love how he just lets that riff go for almost a minute before singing. As a songwriter, I'm drawn to these kind of things. The riff is worthy, so let it loose. Great tunes.
  12. Oysters
    by Tom Novotny
    She Thinks We're In Love She Thinks We're In Love
    Ooof! Yet another incredible 2021 release! This album 'checks' a lot of boxes for me I never knew needed '☑️-ing'. Apparently I needed: A SONG ABOUT... ...the pandemic? ☑️ ...a cheating husband feeling guilty about his secret apartment? ☑️ ...the noisy neighbors that just moved in? ☑️ ......David Lee Roth stealing my girlfriend with a handshake? ☑️. 'rubbernecking' gawkers? ☑️ Grandpa going nuts in the Florida Keys with the ladies? ☑️ ...regret in losing a friend named Kevin? ☑️. AMAZING!
  13. Stumble
    by Tim Pourbaix
    All I Want For Me All I Want For Me
    Tim is a beautiful person. He is an even better songwriter. This record is Tim at the height of his powers as a songsmith and should be considered in its entirety as the best record of 2020.

    Favorite track is "All I Want For Me". I was there in the room the first time he performed it on acoustic. No doubt from the start, special. Careful how you handle this record. it's powerful.
  14. Pathless Land
    by Alastair Ottesen
    Love and Awareness Love and Awareness
    This is must own greatness. There is not enough space on the internet to get into how exquisite the performances and recordings are here. I can't, so I wont. It's the Record of the Year (2021) and it's only January 15th!

    The gravy here is in the sequencing. This album is perfect candidate for vinyl (BUY THAT). You need to start at the beginning and allow the songs to encircle you. In this way, it's reminiscent of Willie Nelson's 'Phases and Stages' or Leonard Cohen's "Death of a Ladies Man".
  15. Love Is Gonna Find You
    by Micah Erenberg
    Love Is Gonna Find You Love Is Gonna Find You
  16. Do It For Love
    by Micah Erenberg
  17. Frozen In Time
    by Micah Erenberg
    Good Conscious Mind Good Conscious Mind
    I’m really hooked on Micah’s tunes lately. “Good Conscious Mind” is my current favorite. I recommend him to all!
  18. Heat
    by Shelly Bhushan
  19. Hello Love
    by Arthur Lewis
    Arthur Lewis's music & voice are just incredible.
  20. Poor Mic's Toe
    by Micah Erenberg
    Unlucky Unlucky
    Micah's music reminds me of the music I loved in the mid-90's. It was a time in my life where I was hearing and seeing live Built to Spill and Superchunk for the first time. Kudos.