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Amanda Lepre

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  2. Metal
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  1. Fate's Delusion (Remix)
    by Knight of the Round
  2. The World is Square
    by Mustin
  3. ...Whatever (EP)
    by Kirby Pufocia
  4. The Quick and The Blue (enhanced edition)
    by The Megas
  5. Whispers of a Dead Star
    by Lace of Bass
  6. RighteousNES
    by Vomitron
  7. From Beyond the Gradient
    by Mega Beardo
  8. Meet Cute
    by D&D Sluggers
  9. SJ XIII (The Nightmare LP)
    by Kirby Pufocia
    by Masikus
  11. SEVEN
    by Knight of the Round
  12. Beneath the Forest of Error
    by Amanda Lepre
  13. Video Game Music Collection 2012-2013
    by Amanda Lepre
  14. Belmont 2
    by Mega Beardo
    Dead River Dead River
    Intricate songwriting - vocals and lyrics are on point - choruses you can hum. I loved Belmont, and Belmont II goes above and beyond.
  15. Basement Demos
    by Mega Beardo
  16. War of the Triad
    by Knight of the Round
    End Battle (Zeromus) [From "FFIV"] End Battle (Zeromus) [From "FFIV"]
  17. Infernal Cadence of the Desolate
    by Arthedain
  18. Warpath
    by Viking Guitar Live
  19. Antiphon
    by Midlake
  20. Arias Exalted
    by Arthedain