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  1. Woke Up With You (Andre P & Droomie Remix)
    by Ykonosh, Mundai & Don Jongle
    another groovy track from Serafin Audio.
  2. Small In Comparison
    by gingembre
    really cool track - minimal, rhythmic, aggressive squeaking synth bass, some mystic voices too.
  3. Long Way Home
    by dishich
    Kreuzung Kreuzung
    this is grooooooveeeyy... that is how modern techno should be like!
  4. Live from Studio S2 (Complete Session)
    by Hania Rani
    Buka (Live from Studio S2) Buka (Live from Studio S2)
    Hania Rani is a great new discovery, a virtuosic pianist with no boundaries to any particular genre. Both minimal and melodic, gripping and intriguing musical gems.
  5. The Sign of Faith
    by IGNEA
    Leviathan Leviathan
    A very, VERY powerful album, somewhere between symphonic/melodic/oriental rock and death metal like vocals and riffs.
    Incredible how many different elements are interwoven into a perfectly intriguing and highly energetic song mix!
  6. Endless Murmuration
    by The Soviet Space Dog Project
    yet another KS'que super track that is a display of the finest Berlin School art of music.
  7. Duality
    by TWO LANES
    Organism Organism
    Incredibly beautiful compositions - easy to listen to, yet clever composed, excellent audio quality, lots of positive energy. So far Two Lanes is the best discovery I made in this year... please more of this :-)
  8. EOS
    by Lorikeet
    EOS (slow child Remix) EOS (slow child Remix)
    Tribal, Dub, Electro... slow burning... hard to describe but certainly interesting!
  9. Vaveyla
    by Headwaters
    Solenya (Andreas Balicki Remix) Solenya (Andreas Balicki Remix)
    I had this 2019 album for a loooong time saved in my Wish List, then forgotten, then re-discovered. I finally bought it. The rhythms are somehow magnetic, hard to say what exactly it is but I like it....
  10. City Limits
    by State Azure
    Beautiful 'feel-good' retro 1980's flash back' track, somewhere between Jan Hammer's Miami Vice track and Tangerine Dream. Really nice 'bouncy' sequencing :-)
  11. Temporary Presence of the Eternal
    by The Soviet Space Dog Project
    In one word, this album is SUPERB.
    (Klaus S, if still alive, would certainly be proud!)
  12. Sail
    by Madis
    Meduza Meduza
    overall a great album with some notable evolution of style compared to earlier albums (e.g. adding voice and e-guitar). Also excellent audio quality.
    by Tronestam, Johan
    Among Us Among Us
    New album - same or even more evolved Tronestam quality electronic music!
    While not exactly 'cutting edge progressive' or 'disturbing' in any way, the quality of this album is found in its melodic beauty, its rhythmic sequencer flow as well as in its engineered sound quality.

    N.B. (@Johan) The imo best track is 'Equality' (not on the free listen list), since this one contains some of those more complex, slightly 'darker' sequences, which I'd wish to hear on your next upcoming albums... ;-)
  14. A Chapter In Time
    by Jordan Rudess
    Weightless Weightless
    Beautiful, fragile, introspective, personal. This album is a great little gem from one of the best contemporary professional keyboarders.
    (I only wished that some of the pieces (statements of mood) would be a bit longer).
  15. Kronos21
    by Wave Walkers
    Kronos21 part 2 Kronos21 part 2
    This is Tangerine Dream mid-80s flashback! Two very long tracks full of retro flair, high energy and lots of creativity... NO copy cat but true innovation, in that style. My compliments on this album!
  16. Between the worlds
    by Martin Stürtzer
    Pulsart Artefact Pulsart Artefact
    Yet another great Phelios ambient dub album. Excellent to listen to on a long and lonely winter walk (or just any other occasion!).
  17. To a Distant World
    by State Azure
    To a Distant World Continuous Mix To a Distant World Continuous Mix
    A great, epic and "story telling" electronic album. Album title and cover fits well its musical contents. Sometimes I am reminded 'Bladerunner' type of impressions.
  18. Prelude to Space
    by Alba Ecstasy
    The Nomad The Nomad
    This Prelude is a very 'dreamy' album, yet with lots of rhythmic sequences (utilizing the delay effect quite a bit). Somehow this album is, somewhere 'lost in space' already (in a positive sense).
  19. our sad fate 致命的なロマンスで
    暴力の贅沢を伴う殺人 暴力の贅沢を伴う殺人
    Actually the music isn't as dark as the cover may suggest. And yet, the title somehow still fits. It has some beautiful quality (detailed) compositions (sound design and melody), very moody, atmospheric and fragile.
  20. com en
    by Masaru Saito
    com en com en
    creative sort of 'big city' dub techno, precisely timed rhythms and sound design.