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  1. Static Minds [HCR013]
    by Asymetric80
  2. Turnin' Headz
    by Assembler Code & Jensen Interceptor
  3. I Can't Hold This
    by EMENT
  4. Despite Of Time
    by EMENT
  5. Fin
    by EMENT
  6. Despite Of Time (False Persona Remix)
    by EMENT
  7. Bat Sanctuary (Rommek Remix)
    by WLDERZ
  8. Eat Your Children
  9. Bad Blood
    by Nite Fleit
  10. Oxygeno - Endless Carousel
    by Oxygeno
  11. Acid Assassin
    by Shadow Runner
  12. Dance Wash (Original mix)
  13. The Jericho Remixes
    by V.A. / Ancient Methods
  14. Torsion
    by Detriti Records
  15. Corvad, Henry Kane - Robot Music
  16. A True Terror Corporation feat. Incendie (Orphx Remix)
    by Templər
  17. Cyan ID - Serpents With Spirit And Body
    by Detriti Records
  18. Distant - Carmesí Diabla (Remixes)
    by Distant, Randstad, The Mover, Max Durante, Melania.
  19. Siega Las Cadenas - [INDMEK-006]
    by Dark Vektor
  20. Stave, Karim Maas - False Architecture
    by Stanislav Tolkachev, Stave Karim Maas, Magna Pia, Wrong Assessment, Danilenko, The Extraverse