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  1. Fading Away
    by Proportions
  2. A Needle Tree
    by Karcius
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  3. A Moment Before The Sun Went Down EXTENDED EDITION
    by Marco Ragni
    Before the sun went down Part 1-7 Before the sun went down Part 1-7
    And in this corner, hailing from Italy, we have Songmaster Extraordinaire, Marco Ragni, & his likewise talented assistant, Bjorn Riis! Marco is a maestro of progressive sonic textures, an artist with an impressive palette of expressions. This album is deeply immersive & a pure pleasure to listen to. ‘Ossessione’ has such a soulful, psychedelic, ethnic feel to it. Marco’s voice perfectly expresses it. Thx for the extravagant feast in these lean times, Marco…& Bjorn, & band. 9/10.
  4. Lost Places
    by electric mud
    a digital phantom: the plus in 0+1 a digital phantom: the plus in 0+1
    A worthy indulgence for one’s mind. Electric mud presents us an ambient excursion, here, potently evocative of fantastic fancy. Moods are finely textured. I’m not a huge ambient music buff, but I definitely appreciate & recommend this. 6.5+/10.
  5. They Stay
    by Cosmograf
    Totally agree with Stephen. This wouldn’t feel out of place on ‘The Wall’. Very reminiscent of ‘Mother’, me thinketh. Definitely like it, Robin. I, for one, will also miss David Longdon. Thanks for the song.
  6. Synesthesia
    by Sunchild
    This album is delightfully refreshing. Its consistent melodic goodness leaves me baffled for a fave song. By happenstance, I listened to this right after listening to a Katatonia album & the similar vocal styling prompted me to check if I’d somehow clicked on a less dark, proggier Katatonia selection. Lol. Very proper neo-prog, this! Greatly emotive & well-structured songs. Perhaps a bit like recent Anathema, at times. Top notch quality! Thx, Sunchild!
  7. "Gravitational Objects of Light, Energy and Mysticism"
    by G.O.L.E.M.
    Devil's Gold Devil's Gold
    A solid debut album of heavy psychedelic rock. I’m an avid fan of guitar-driven rock, but I hardly miss the absence of lead guitar here, at all. The songs are full, richly creative, & satisfyingly progressive just as they are—albeit lyrics cant towards being dark—with the deft use of keyboards instead throughout the album. Reminiscent of classic 70’s Hammond-rich bands—especially early-Heep, IMO. I also hear elements of Deep Purple & Procol Harum.
    Thanks, G.O.L.E.M.! 7+/10.
  8. This Sceptred Veil
    by Sergeant Thunderhoof
  9. Cantiga da Rainha das Aguas (Live Session)
    A song to immerse one’s soul in. Wild-spirited and hauntingly moving, as if one has ventured into an ancient sacred place in the bowels of the Earth. Communion with a dark pool in a cavern…8+/10.
  10. Colors fade away
    by Electro Compulsive Therapy
    A somewhat-brooding, contemplative prog song. The instrumental segment is quite reminiscent of Porcupine Tree. All things considered, a well-crafted song from a well-crafted debut album. If I had anything resembling a heap of riches, I would’ve bought the whole album, but, alas, such is not the case.
  11. Interruptus
    by Psychotropic swamp
    A very nicely-paced, groovy instrumental. File under ‘Psychedelic’. Enjoyed the whole album, actually, but I find myself under the boot of authoritarian-induced skyrocketing inflation (meaning those who want to stomp out the common man’s motto of ‘Keep on Truckin’) & have had to curb my music purchases as a result.
  12. Trip to Spain
    by WEEDIAN
  13. PROG presents: Karisma Records
    by Karisma Records
    An excellent exposé of the Scandinavian prog rock scene! Karisma Records has done a great job putting together a thoroughly-enjoyable & seemingly-seamless playlist here. Of course, they couldn’t have done it without the considerable talents of the artists in their camp. Many songs on here have that certain quality about them that hearkens back to the classic psychedelic era of the genre. This comp. is a definite gem & highly recommended. So many faves on it. Thanks, Karisma!
  14. X to the N - 4 track EP
    by Hanford Flyover
    Golden Golden
    ‘Entropy’ brings to mind ‘I Can See for Miles’ by The Who. I remain a committed fan of the band. I love their exploratory offerings of sound. Great guitar on ‘Golden’, & contemplative lyrics are always appreciated (love the pleasant yet edgy psychedelic ambience of this song & the strung-out style of vocals that suggest the singers are fully immersed in the experience they’re expressing). Well-put expressions, Hanford Flyover! Wish for a full-length, again!
  15. Warlung - Optical Delusions
    by Olde Magick Records
    Devil's Game Devil's Game
    A decent listen. I wouldn’t say exceptional, though, IMO (no slam intended). 5+/10.
  16. 20 Years - Alive and Well
    by Roz Vitalis
    Jungle Waltz (Live 2021-11-27) Jungle Waltz (Live 2021-11-27)
    A bit difficult picking a fave here because it’s hard to compare the tracks. It seems almost like one evolving piece. Listening to this is somewhat like losing track of time. That being said, this is good music for writing to. It’s mood-setting without the distraction of voices. ‘Nice’ is a nice word to describe it.
  17. Lost Coast
    by Aaron Laughlin
    Lost Sacred Things Lost Sacred Things
    A very pleasant and mindful excursion for spirits seeking reason and rhyme. Melodic, smooth, and contemplative—with a progressive air of wonder to it. Very nice mellotron playing.
  18. The Trials
    by Fierce Deity
    When My Lantern Fails When My Lantern Fails
    This is good power metal, but I have to say I prefer the acoustic versions of these songs. I’m just not a huge fan of frantic drumming. 7+/10.
  19. The Trials UnMasked
    by Fierce Deity
    The Holy Fire UnMasked The Holy Fire UnMasked
    Hard to believe this unplugged gem hasn’t had more support. If you like the spirit of earlier, more-honest and soulful rock (think earlier Heep, perhaps, or even ‘Patience’ by GNR—to my ears, at least), check out this accolade-worthy effort by Fierce Deity.
  20. Power Wisdom Courage
    by Fierce Deity ft. Elder, Psycroptic, Acolyte
    Wisdom Wisdom
    In full agreement with all the comments below. Electrifying! The power of ‘Wisdom’ instantly flicks my switch to ‘party-mode’. A great discovery for me. Inspiring lyrics to boot!
    Thx, Fierce Deity!