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  1. Out of the loop
    by Atomic Time
  2. When Worlds Collide
    by GALAHAD
  3. The Battle
    by Aperco
    The Battle The Battle
    This is grand and spacious prog rock, a reincarnation of the classic 70’s sound; often reminiscent of early Pink Floyd or Camel, with touches of early Genesis, King Crimson, the Strawbs, and the Moody Blues.
    However~influences aside after a proper nod~this music has it’s own identity and earns Aperco it’s own well deserved dais among those of elder prog rock titans. Rich in textures and colours, this album blossoms from Aperco’s broad palette into the masterpiece it is. Awesome flute!
  4. FreeFall (Album) - Remastered
    by Hanford Flyover
    No Time To Rush No Time To Rush
    Deep and meaningful, introspective, proverbial and soothing, this music puts you in touch with your soul. Be still and listen deeply: let yourself unwind. Chill out by a flickering fire ~ or lie supine on a country hill; head cradled in your hands ‘neath a daydream sky of cumulus isles ~ and feel the probs and tribs of the day fade away ‘neath Hanford Flyover’s healing caress. Peace and love, Hanford Flyover. Thank you for the soulspeak. Message received...✌🏼
  5. Mind Over Depth
    by Cosmograf
    Sharks Sharks
    Great concept album! I love the way the rhythm section aggressively sets the tone and punctuates the album’s moods, and how the vocals stress the album’s emotional content. Tension and feelings are almost palpable. The songs are finely crafted and expertly performed, and the instruments complement each other sublimely. I love the narrative voice that is employed to express the underlying thoughts and subconscious struggles ongoing throughout the album. Great guitar, too. This album is intense, and rocks hard and heavy! If you’re a fan of Porcupine Tree and The Paradox Twin, check this album out. A creative masterpiece! 9/10.

    Thank you, Cosmograf!
  6. Viljans Öga
    by Änglagård
    Wonderfully folksy, with an inspired and natural flow which, in turn, inspires my own imagination, setting my fancy free. This music is truly grand and cinematic in scope. It has all the elements of an epic tale. One word to sum it up? Fantastic! The pastoral flute floors me. Highly recommended.
  7. Embroidery
    by Walk the Rail
    Alright II Alright II
    Good debut album with an open emotional nature. Good mix of thoughtful instrumentation and vocals, both which intensify well in expression-leaning towards metal-when the lyrical subject intensifies in feeling. Promising new prog rock/metal band. Good album concept.
  8. A Leap Into The Dark
    by The Tirith
    Kalaya Kalaya
    The Tirith have that wonderful ability/talent of flooding their music with their heart~flows. The vocals are lyrically convincing, and have a common man's earthy honesty. Very emotive. For me it’s a toss up when it comes to a favourite song; between Kalaya and The Exile. I sure hope they have a lot more up their sleeves.
  9. Nattfiolen
    by Jordsjø
    Stifinner Stifinner
    Jordsjø have crafted an enchanting album here, a real gem of a keeper. I place them in the same elite camp as Änglagård and Camel. I quickly fell under the spell of the magical, folksy flute during the intro; a spell which was soon embellished by further flourishes of the band’s other considerable talents. When Ulvenatt ended—-a song I found quite reminiscent of Opeth’s Ending Credits, in flow and feel—-I was a converted fan.

  10. The Ancient veil
    Flying Flying
    I agree with Sven B. Schreiber, this album is a precious gem. I’m especially fond of the pastoral flute segments that tend to send me on a daydream in the middle of whatever I may be doing. Pure bliss!
    by The Tirith
    Gosh, darn...what to say? This music is thought provoking and down to earth; organic food for the soul. Instrumentation is very creative and clever; complementing the lyrical content very well. Smart and catchy...easy to immerse oneself in. It swept me away and left me eager for more. Great solos and great overall flow...
  12. שוב למקום
    by Orot
    Simply put, the music Orot has crafted on this album is a treat and blessing to both ears and soul. Relaxing and peaceful; like a gently burbling stream. Yet, also deep and stirring. The vocals and instruments are all wonderful expressions from/of/for the soul; authentic and sincere. Thank you, Orot!
  13. Home Grown
    by Marc Atkinson
    Whatever Happened... Whatever Happened...
    Thanks for sharing such a personal and honest~hearted album, Marc. This one’s got to be a feather in your bycocket, for sure. Your songs are applaudably touching.

    To everyone else, this album would be a great addition to your collection. If you’re on the hunt for true talent, this one’s a treasure. Buy it! Marc has one of the greatest voices.
  14. and the grudge (still here)
    by anasazi
    A very catchy song with a Tool-like rhythm that sunk it’s claws in me. Crank it up!
  15. Nocturnal Days
    by Stuart Gray
    Again As It Was Again As It Was
    Haunting and introspective. The other reviews sum it up very nicely. Great music for a foggy day, but perhaps too dark for a troubled soul in need of light. Dark, acoustical, acid folk. Explored the album, and purchased it, due to Paul Rote’s review.
  16. The Voyage of Jonas
    by Heart of Cygnus
    The Isles of Ice The Isles of Ice
    In the heart of every man is an innate desire for epic adventure; an urge to quest, explore and discover. I’m one of those men, and I’m glad to say this album sates my thirst for a tale grandly told. Heart of Cygnus carries on the storytelling tradition of bands such as Kansas, Rush, and Yes. That guitar sure does sound like Brian May’s, at times. A good blend of classic rock and metal. Worthy of accolades. Brothers, let us revel!
  17. Utopia
    by Heart of Cygnus
    Winter Winter
    A solid concept album with a 70’s rock feel and a futuristic tale—of a soul in a civilization gone awry—at its heart. It has its aggressive moments, but never to the point of harshness, retaining a melodic flow throughout.
  18. Over Mountain, Under Hill
    by Heart of Cygnus
    Lost at Sea Lost at Sea
    Excellent guitar driven prog rock/metal oft reminiscent of wildly galloping, earlier Rush. The music captures a great sense of high adventure and continuous action, following a well developed storyline. Plenty of ‘on-the-edge-of-your-seat’ moments with a healthy balance of more balladic, contemplative sections. Song construction and execution is top tier quality, the guitar work is phenomenal. Truly, a treasure found...
  19. Tales From Outer Space!
    by Heart of Cygnus
    Space Trilogy Pt. 3 - Awake, Sleeper Space Trilogy Pt. 3 - Awake, Sleeper
    Although I prefer a fantastic tale theme over a futuristic ‘sci~fi’ theme, this is a solid prog metal album.
  20. Epsilon
    by Majestic
    Epsilon V. The River (Eridanus) Epsilon V. The River (Eridanus)
    Much as I enjoy the music, I find the lyrical thread, by itself, too vague for my liking, although I think I get the general story gist. Perhaps a focused listen accompanied by a simultaneous reading of the lyrics is in order to enable a more appreciative assessment of this work by me. Nevertheless, the included lyrical content has too many typographical errors and could use a polishing. IMO, this double album is an ambitious undertaking and has a good concept, but for me it falls short of VOZ.
  21. Arrival
    by Majestic
    Wish Wish
  22. V.O.Z.
    by Majestic
    An exciting masterclass execution: a tale well told. Truly captures my imagination with it's depth of emotive expression and thought. I highly recommend you close your eyes and experience this epic journey. In my opinion, a prog~rock classic.
  23. Red Giant To White Dwarf
    by SWEVEN
    (Shades Of) The Changing Man (Shades Of) The Changing Man
    Great heavy, blues~tinged stoner rock! The Changing Man begins like a deep premeditation of something heavy about to go down, like the intensifying determination of someone mission~bound. Lyrically, the songs seem like dark contemplations with psychedelic undertones; somewhat mystical and reminiscent of the Doors (think, The End). Musically, Sweven leans towards a heavy stoner vibe. 8/10.
  24. Mir
    by Telegraph
    Gravity Gravity
    An introspective concept album; history re~imagined. Hard to believe this is their first album. Wow! What an accomplishment and promise of things to come! May that promise hold true. If you like classic prog in the vein of Camel, Änglagård, and Nektar, I wholeheartedly recommend you ‘space~out’ to this one. I have no qualms stamping it a classic already, in the here and now. 9/10. Long live Telegraph!
  25. Five Years In The Wood
    by Napier's Bones
    Napier’s Bones are masters of dramatic storytelling. Their tales remind me of the old Edgar Allan Poe tales I used to listen to on the radio, Hallowe’ens past. I can well picture them rolling from ramshackle town to ramshackle town, rambling minstrels in an older time, performing their shows to appreciative country folk. This is a fine hare pulled from their five year hat. Picking a fave? Too close to make a call. Looking forward to the promised new one.
  26. Safe Asylum
    by Drifting Sun
    Alice Alice
    As far as I’m concerned, Drifting Sun are among the best in the prog realm. Their melodic music seems inspired beyond the norm; song structures transition effortlessly~and delightfully~from one segment to another, cleverly expressing any given song’s ongoing, evolving flow. This album is a pleasurable indulgence, one to savour. Very creative and harmonious. Peter Falconer’s voice is wonderfully emotive and captivating, and the songwriting is great. A must buy! Thank you, Drifting Sun!
  27. Hackberry
    by Hackberry
    Ophidian Strike Ophidian Strike
    To date, this is my favourite instrumental, progressive rock/metal album on Bandcamp. The lead guitar playing is phenomenal and it’s tone is perfect for this type of music: edgy, yet clean. “Aboard” reminds me of “La Villa Strangiato” by Rush. Hackberry has done a great job of expressing action and emotion in this album. Each song is a trip worth taking. I’m hoping for more soon. Thank you, Hackberry. 8.5/10.
  28. Thousand Victories
    by Silent Chambers
    Bedbugs Bedbugs
    This folksy album has a laidback, down-to-earth charm, filled with deep, heartfelt observations and sage advice. I don’t understand why it isn’t more popular. The lyrics are meaningful and moving; relevant considerations of life. I find myself reminded of Cat Stevens, at times. Little Man would have to be my 2nd favourite song. I highly recommend this album. Thank you for the soulspeak, Silent Chambers. 8.5/10 average, with a few songs close to 10.
  29. Dark Matters
    by Worldengine
    The Idiot The Idiot
    Moody progressive rock. The ethereal vocals in my favourite track, The Idiot, remind me of Phideaux. Bruce Soord’s trail led me here. This is a good debut album that bodes well for the future of this band.
  30. Hive Mind
    by KEOR
    Egregore Egregore
    Kudos for including the imaginative storyline; it makes me suspect this album is inspired by a dream. If so, that’s highly applaudable. I admire the style in which KEOR executes this concept album. It’s very Opethesque. Not cookie cutter prog. The mystical elements are done well. Despite all the good, I find the vocals not as harmonious or as polished as I like. This album is good, but, IMO, Petrichor surpasses it. 7.5/10.
  31. Petrichor
    by KEOR
    Snivel by the Pond Snivel by the Pond
    As mentioned, this is a very cinematic and emotive release. I find it at times reminiscent of Opeth (think Ghost Reveries) at it’s mystical, melodic, and eerie best. I highly recommend anyone to undertake this fabulous and enchanting trip. Cheers, KEOR!
  32. Samples of genetic Wisdom, Captured to Survice
    by Day Six
    Age of Technology [vinyl version] Age of Technology [vinyl version]
    Good heavy rock/metal album that dares to venture into the realm of prog. 8/10. Quite enjoyable.
  33. The Corrupted Lullaby
    by Seventh Dimension
  34. Shroud
    by SpaceMetal
  35. Bring Me To The Water
    by Golden Caves
  36. The Light Beyond The Shades
    by Spleen Arcana
  37. The Overview Effect
    by Jet Black Sea
  38. The Active Listener's Acid Folk Sampler Volume Two
    by The Active Listener
  39. The Second Brightest Star
    by Big Big Train
  40. Sorni Nai
    by Kauan
  41. The Persistence
    by Kingcrow
  42. Total Absence
    by Fatal Fusion
  43. the walker
    by Phideaux
  44. Monuments
    by Napier's Bones
  45. In Vacuum
    by Profuna Ocean