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  1. Cipher: the Score for Banking on Bitcoin
    by Ben Prunty
  2. LEVEL 2
    by Miracle Of Sound
  3. GOLIATH (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack To A Film That Doesn't Exist)
    by Zack Hemsey
  4. Warrior
    by Anilah, Wardruna
    It's just so beautiful! This piece is like a strong woman, whose devotion and conviction to protect and nurture her loved ones is so powerful that it can bend the heavens to fulfill them. Keep making music Anilah! You're really talented! (Also, I am a fan of Wardruna).
  5. Into the Breach Soundtrack
    by Ben Prunty
  6. Howling at the Moon
    by Aviators
    No One Will Save You No One Will Save You
    Love this piece of art. These tracks help me sketch cartoons better. (That's one of my hobbies)
  7. Everything Ends Here
    by Barla
  8. Epic Music Family
    by Aram Zero
  9. The ReMiXeS
    by HalusaTwin
    Bleach: Quincy Craft (Up Rising) Bleach: Quincy Craft (Up Rising)
    These remixes make me remember of all those awesome power up scenes and battles that I thought I had forgotten long back.Worth checking out!
  10. The Way
    by Zack Hemsey
  11. Empty Room
    by Zack Hemsey
    I'll Find A Way I'll Find A Way
    Simply one of the best soulful raps out there. His music moves me beyond words every time I listen to them.
  12. Whatever It Takes (Mercurius FM Synthwave Remix)
    by Hollywood Undead
  13. UmeShoryu
    by Zaid Tabani
    This track is just badass! One of the best workout songs out there that makes you feel like a legend while you train yourself.
    by The Secession
  15. Víðbláinn
    by Peter Gundry
  16. The Unspoken Tales (Album)
    by Peter Gundry
  17. B I R D
    by Fakear
  18. Wandering Far
    by Sequestered Keep
  19. Might of An Ancient Tale
    by Sequestered Keep
    In My Medieval Dreams In My Medieval Dreams
    I am a writer (on days when I am inspired) and this music gives life to my imagination. I would definitely recommend this album if you love fantasy music.
  20. Aurora (Album)
    by Peter Gundry
    She Wakes In Flames She Wakes In Flames
    The best thing to cheer you up when life you chews you out. This musician is amazing! Each of his tracks are so unique.