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  1. Destiny
    by Antonio Adolfo
  2. Gagaku
    by Synkro
  3. Maria Maria - Ultimo Trem
    by Milton Nascimento
  4. Glastonbury Ocean Soundscape
    by Chris Watson
  5. Aaron Shragge & Ben Monder: This World Of Dew
    by Aaron Shragge
  6. SONATAS & INTERLUDES complete
    by Johnny Reinhard
  7. SONATAS & INTERLUDES for prepared piano, alternative performance by Joshua Pierce (Microthon I)
    by Johnny Reinhard
  8. La Paloma
  9. HARRY PARTCH - Barstow, In the Springtime on the Southside of the Yangzee Kiang & other Li Po Songs, December 1942, US Highball, Dark Brother, The Lord Is My Shepherd, Potion Scene, Yankee Doodle Fantasy, Ulysses Departs From the Edge of the World (Boobams): AMERICAN FESTIVAL OF MICROTONAL MUSIC
    by Johnny Reinhard
  10. Coração Vagabundo
    by Paula & Jaques Morelenbaum, Miranda Verouli, Petros Klampanis, Yotam Silberstein, Julian Shore
  11. The MICROTONES live at CBGBs in NYC - 1987 featuring Jon & Brad Catler, Johnny Reinhard, and Bob Muller PLUS - Wave, Human, Timepeace, all by Jon Catler: AMERICAN FESTIVAL OF MICROTONAL MUSIC
    by Johnny Reinhard
    appears in 1 other collection
  12. JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH "Flute Sonata in B Minor" featuring flutist Andrew Bolotowsky and harpsichordist Eugenia Earle, in Werckmeister III
    by Johnny Reinhard
  13. MICHAEL HARRISON "From Ancient Worlds"
    by Johnny Reinhard
  14. RECORDERIST PETE ROSE performs original compositions, Luciano Berio, Ryohei Hirose, John Coltrane, Mario Lavista, Benjamin Thorne: AMERICAN FESTIVAL OF MICROTONAL MUSIC
    by Johnny Reinhard
  15. Knuckle Duster
    by BlipVuster: Matthew Welch and Will Northlich Redmond
  16. The Finger Lock
    by Matthew Welch's Blarvuster
  17. Bardo Thodol
    by Matthew Welch and Jeremiah Cymerman
  18. Hag at the Churn (2003 - Re-issue)
    by Matthew Welch
  19. Philip Glass: Two Pages (1968)
    by Matthew Welch
  20. Cantata Profana plays Matthew Welch (Live at The Stone)
    by Cantata Profana