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  1. Live: A Hero's Tribute to Sonic Adventure 2
    by GameGrooves
  2. Hail to the Knight: A Metalcore Tribute to Shovel Knight
    by GameGrooves
  3. Summers: A Lo-fi Tribute to EarthBound
    by GameGrooves
  4. Learn: A Villain's Tribute to Sonic Adventure 2
    by GameGrooves
  5. Over the Summit: A Tribute to Celeste
    by GameGrooves
  6. Mauville Melodies: A Jazz Tribute to Pokémon RSE
    by GameGrooves
  7. World Warriors
    by Mahn
  8. shadow being
    by Astrophysics
  9. Tsubasa Wo Kudasai
    by Astrophysics
  10. Final Fantasy X - Yuna's Theme (Pop Guitar Arrangement Version)
    by geoffplaysguitar
  11. Final Fantasy VI - Searching For Friends [Disco House Remix]
    by geoffplaysguitar
  12. The Fine Line Between Oof & Yikes
    by Kate Nyx
  13. Hold Music
    by warm human
  14. The Sacred Cloisters
    by Rebecca Tripp
  15. Mania Mode
    by DiscoCactus
  16. SSEB-0127 "U.T.BOOT Vol.7 -Muffet-"
    by hapi⇒
  17. Pink Sells...
    by Kirby's Dream Band
  18. Everybody Votes Channel Medley - arranged by Scruffy
    by Scruffy
  19. Dodo Airlines (Animal Crossing: New Horizons) - arranged by Scruffy
    by Scruffy
  20. Goldenrod City/National Park Medley (Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal) - arranged by Scruffy
    by Scruffy