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  1. Ballad of Tommy Robinson
    by Lord Stompy
  2. The Debt Collectors: we have come for your dreams
    by The Debt Collectors
  3. Individuality? Just Say NO! + bonus tracks
    by Lord Stompy
  4. The Aussie Spirit: live demo
    by Lord Stompy
  5. Music From The Game Freedom Finger
    by Aesop Rock
  6. Yeah Well
    by Reciprocate
    Pray Tell sounds amazing and I have no doubt the rest of the album will exceed my expectations. The fact that I can put on any of Stef's recordings -- records that I've heard hundreds of times before -- and still be shocked by how awesome they are speaks volumes. To be honest, if Stef started selling broken guitar strings on ebay I'd probably buy some just to know that I contributed something to ensure that he keeps making beautiful music.
  7. Billion Dollar Blues - Live (2019)
    by Stef Kett
  8. Slip Diff Boogies (2019)
    by Stef Kett
  9. Terminalia Amazonia
    by ZU
  10. Even for just the briefest moment / Keep charging this “expiation” / Plug in to making it slightly better
  11. III
    by Waingro
  12. One
    by Cursed
  13. Malibu Ken
    by Aesop Rock & TOBACCO are Malibu Ken
  14. In and Out of Youth and Lightness
    by Young Widows
  15. Old Wounds
    by Young Widows
  16. Easy Pain
    by Young Widows
  17. DECAYED: Ten Years of Cities, Wounds, Lightness, and Pain
    by Young Widows
  18. Settle Down City
    by Young Widows
    by The Armed
  20. Double Negative
    by Low