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  1. moon of lurve
    by Billy Nomates
  2. True
    by Danny Elfman
    Bleak, and powerful. Clearly this album is a whole new chapter vocally, for Danny. I love the piano and the chord progressions, so that even when it gets heay and industrial you can sense all those Beatles records in the back.
  3. Kick Me (Zach Hill Remix)
    by Danny Elfman
    Sounds like a transmission intercepted from a particularily nasty region of outer space (I mean a "do-not-ever-send-a-manned-mission-that-way" kinda nasty). I love it.
  4. The Tunnel and the Clearing
    by Colleen
  5. Kick Me
    by Danny Elfman
    Hilarious, scary, on point. With sarcasm so barbed the song should come with a special pair of protective gloves.
  6. Ignorance
    by The Weather Station
  7. Emergency Telephone
    by Billy Nomates
  8. Billy Nomates
    by Billy Nomates
  9. Songs for Ondine
    by Ondinata
  10. Love In The Time Of Covid
    by Danny Elfman
  11. do you want what i have got? songs from a craigslist cantata
    by Veda Hille
  12. Keep the City Moving
    by Disasterpeace
  13. Pretty Good Year
    by Eliza Rickman and Jherek Bischoff
    A gorgeous version of this masterpiece of a song. Eliza's interpretation is flawless, and Jherek's gorgeous arrangement captures the emotion of Tori's original with sensitivity and understanding,
  14. Sorry
    by Danny Elfman
    Stunning, intricate, beautiful, and just plain kickass. Danny's continuing artistic evolution is a joy to witness.
  15. Happy
    by Danny Elfman
    Danny: Never, ever mellow. <3
  16. Coventry Carol
    by Burd Ellen
  17. Fourteen Years
    by Le Volume Courbe
  18. Songs for Ondine (teaser)
    by Ondinata
  19. Dreamers change the world
    by El Perro del Mar
  20. Knapsack
    by Geotic