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  1. Avant-Garde Metal
    by Metal Drum Beats By Sparkles
  2. Om Kosmos och de Tolv Järtekn
    by Wagner Ödegård
  3. KNVF
    by Charmaine Lee
  4. Les idées blanches
    by SORDIDE
  5. Immortal Ceremonies
    by Kommodus
  6. Enter the Morbid Obscurity
    by Gzekhratüs
  7. Virgin Womb of Eternal Black Terror
    by dai-ichi / Lamp of Murmuur
  8. Fanebærer/Carved Cross
  9. EP III
    by Jordslået
  10. Terminal Threshold (the complete guitar transcriptions: digital PDF book w/ Guitar Pro files+alternate mixes for play along)
    by Dysrhythmia
  11. split tape 1 "time"
    by this valve controls
  12. Cheaper Vodka – 070 BPM
    by Metal Drum Beats By Sparkles
  13. Dream, Dwell, Die
    by Blattaria
  14. Lava (Single)
    by Rope Sect
  15. Eagle, Quetzal, and Condor (NP-XII)
    by Ixachitlan
  16. Remains
    by Chaos Echœs
  17. คุณจะเรียกหาใครในเมื่อตำรวจเป็นคนฆ่า และคุณจะร้องเพลงอะไรสำหรับบ้านที่ลุกไหม้สว่างโร่
    by a world wondered full
  18. Buried Alive
    by The Cherry Point
  19. Inferno Requiem / Czarnobog - Fear of Tartarus / Remembrance of the Blood Moon
    by Inferno Requiem Official
  20. Thrinodía (Remixed & Remastered 2020)
    by Haunter