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Josiah S. Cooper

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  1. Memento Mori Bonus Tracks EP
    by The Bastard Fairies
  2. Flowers Of Evil
    by Flowers of Evil
    My Lucky Day My Lucky Day
    I totally relate.
  3. Kosmískur hryllingur
    by Skáphe + Wormlust
  4. Descend Into Despair
    by Suicide Forest
  5. Descend Into Despair
    by Suicide Forest
  6. Apathy
    by Suicide Forest
  7. The Chasms Of My Heart
    I Don't Exist I Don't Exist
    Borderline trashy effects, saved by a tweak of artistry, distinguishing itself from the muck and mush of the many who attempt to evoke something vile and bitter to the core of what a human can feel. This is a soundscape for glazed eye'd dead inside, who wish for a peace that never seems to come. What happened, how did we get here? Twist and contort into visceral fractals of the grit and tar of sentience.
  8. Hell "Splits"
    by M.S.W.
  9. M.S.W. Cloud : Musica Pro Lapsu
    by M.S.W.
  10. Hell I
    by M.S.W. T.A.S. A.L.N.
  11. Hell III
    by M.S.W.
    Mourn Mourn
    I made an unofficial music video to the song Mourn on YouTube using Gustave's illustrations from the Inferno. I remember watching it in isolation thinking how saturated it was in transposing to my own life. Thanks.
  12. Hell II
    by M.S.W. T.A.S.
  13. ...Maurerische Trauermusik...
    by Elu of the Nine
  14. Indifference
    by Suicide Forest
  15. Broken Record
    by Windmills
    Not All Right Not All Right
    This album helped me through the darkest point in my life. I listened to this when hope was gone, when no one was around, when I was ready for death to take me.

    This is a powerful album; special, and final.
  16. Bloodhail
    by Have a Nice Life
    This is the song playing through my head while I was sick and dreaming.

    "I just don't accept this at all."
  17. Sexual
    by Flowers of Evil
    Tempus Fugit Tempus Fugit
    A psychotic trip. Would you go through hell to know what it meant to suffer?
    Fucking profound.