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  1. Last Call For All Passengers
    Oubliette Oubliette
    I’m not *that* familiar with the guy, despite having seen him open for Perturbator a few years ago, but it’s pretty obvious that he took some risks to depict a different… let’s say “world”, here, than on “Automated Refrains”, and it really paid off, bringing some variety and avoiding redundancies. Instabuy for the noob that I am.
  2. Psalms Of Dereliction
    by Lisieux
    Black Flag Black Flag
    The first comparison that came to me was “The Moon and the Nightspirit”, but these universes often diverge.
    Strands of French can be caught here and there, but the overall mystical aura makes them sound foreign even to me.
    Really glad someone suggested this to me, and angry at myself for missing it before.
  3. The River
    by Gloosh
    Strange band name but awesome Drudkhish vibes simmering in lots of other things. A great atmospheric black metal bubbling brew.
  4. v2.0 (Deluxe Edition)
    by GoGo Penguin
    Making complex things sound simpler, and simple things sound complex. Sometimes I tap without quite knowing what my fingers are following exactly, and yet everything falls into place, peacefully, and make sense.
  6. All Bitches Die
    Came across this stuff via some The Body album descriptions, due to some collaborations.
    Gosh, this is terrifying. But also intelligent. Not just violence for the sake of it. And the softer parts are priceless as well. And everything in between (sometimes hard to name or describe) too. Everything sounds true and deliberate. Assuredly an inimitable artist.
  7. Signify (Remastered)
    by Porcupine Tree
  8. Lightbulb Sun
    by Porcupine Tree
  9. The Crackling Of Embers
    by Sunken
  10. Livslede
    by Sunken
    Ensomhed Ensomhed
    At some points – typically, on the last few minutes of “Ensomhed” –, I have to stop doing whatever I’m doing at the moment and either just listen very intently or drum solemnly on the nearest hard surface available with my fingers.
  11. Oskoreien
    by Oskoreien
  12. All Too Human
    by Oskoreien
  13. Oskoreien / Botanist: Deterministic Chaos / Green Metal
    by Oskoreien
    Without You I'm Nothing Without You I'm Nothing
    Ended up on Oskoreien’s page via the Botanist split and eventually hit the “Buy discography” thingy. Highly recommended more-or-less-depressive atmo bm.
  14. Der Wanderer über dem Nebelmeer
    by Oskoreien
  15. Djinn
    by UADA
    Djinn Djinn
    I almost skipped this. The previous releases were “just OK” in my book. I ended up trying this anyway, pushed by fellow metalheads, and wow. They’re really forging an interesting identity, there.
  16. Akral Necrosis - Underlight
    by Akral Necrosis
    Rather creative (but still punchy) Romanian black metal. Can’t really tell if I prefer that one or “The Greater Absence”.
  17. Akral Necrosis - The Greater Absence
    by Loud Rage Music
  18. Through Shaded Woods (Deluxe Edition)
    by Lunatic Soul
    With “Walking on a Flashlight Beam” and “Fractured”, that guy pierced my heart twice. Truely two of the most beautiful records I own.
    “Under the Fragmented Sky” was good, too, but felt more like an EP, with tracks that left me hanging for further developments.
    It would be hard to express how eagerly I’ve been waiting for a new slap in my face. That first disclosed track is very promising.
  19. In Absentia (Remastered)
    by Porcupine Tree
    Heartattack In A Layby (Remastered) Heartattack In A Layby (Remastered)
    Omg. Kscope finally dumping stuff on Bandcamp. Now I can indulge in an obscene Porcupine Tree binge without worrying about shipping fees.
  20. The Incident
    by Porcupine Tree
    Maybe a bit dense and less consistent, but it’d be a crime to call that bad.