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  1. There Must Be Something Here
    by acloudyskye
  2. What Do You Want!
    by acloudyskye
  3. Her Story (Pinks Remix)
    by Chamba
  4. Head First
    by Akuratyde
  5. Conversations With Ghosts
    by Akuratyde
  6. Tilt
    by Sevin
  7. Existential
    by Justin Hawkes
  8. Cerasus EP
    by Heymac
  9. Sans Soleil
    by Naibu
  10. CUM
    by Knife Girl
  11. Monolith
    by Echorift
    59 Below 59 Below
    The best orchestral electronic post-metal piano album you will hear until Echorift puts out a new album... Years of work have been put into this and it really, really shows - every single song is jaw-dropping
  12. SHOEGAZING feat. No Rome
    by MISOGI
  13. means to an end
    by Former Hero
    kindness in spite of it all kindness in spite of it all
    a fitting send-off to a musical project which changed my life and so many others
  14. Wallsocket
    by underscores
  15. Peace Sounds
    by James Ivy
  16. Avian
    by patchymate
  17. Open Heartzz
    by Rustie
  18. All I Think About
    by Petal Supply
  19. Kiss (ft. Hannah Diamond)
    by Himera
  20. Stimulus
    by gyrofield