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Nicholas Arden Day

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  1. Album
    by Mattesque
  2. FATE: A Tribute to Majora's Mask
    by Materia Collective
  3. Focus
    by Mattesque
  4. Future Dance Land: An Electronic Tribute to Diddy Kong Racing
    by Materia Collective
  5. AAX-055 : Analogital
    by Morsunda
  6. Final Fantasy VI Acoustic Rendition
    by Eiko Nichols
  7. Chrysalis
    by Ayco (Eiko Ishiwata Nichols)
  8. Fantasy Collection I
    by Eiko Ishiwata Nichols
  9. The Music of Kraftwerk [Megamix freeview]
    by 8-Bit Operators
    by 8-Bit Operators
  11. Tribute To Depeche Mode: Enjoy The Science
    by 8-Bit Operators
  12. Crack That Chip! DEVO Tribute
    by 8-Bit Operators
  13. YMF262
    by Diode Milliampere
  14. 2A03 PURITANS
    by bitpuritans
  15. Shadow Detail
    by The Fleshy Timeclock
  16. Nice.
    by Super Guitar Bros
  17. Super Guitar Bros
    by Super Guitar Bros
  18. Shovel Knight Original Soundtrack
    by Jake Kaufman
  19. XVI
    by Abducted By Sharks
  20. The Ghouls 'n Ghosts EP
    by Mega Ran and Richie Branson
  21. I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MBIES 1N IT!!!1
    by James Silva
  22. Heaven Variant - Soundtrack
    by Jason Koohi
  23. Live at Grillby's
    by insaneintherainmusic
  24. Handsome Mr. Frog (Original Soundtrack)
    by ZBW
  25. FALLEN: An Undertale Tribute
    by Materia Collective
  26. The Stanley Parable [Official Sountrack]
    by Yiannis Ioannides
  27. Beep (Original Score)
    by Leonard J. Paul
  28. Remixes, etc. Vol.3
    by NPC
  29. Necropolis Original Soundtrack
    by Jon Everist
  30. Dancing Mad: The Remix EP
    by NPC
  31. UNDERTALE Soundtrack
    by toby fox
  32. End of an Empire: The Remixes (Instrumentals)
    by Celldweller
  33. End of an Empire: The Remixes
    by Celldweller
  34. End of an Empire (Instrumentals)
    by Celldweller
  35. End of an Empire (Deluxe Edition)
    by Celldweller
  36. Delorean Overdrive
    by Delorean Overdrive
  37. Rise of the Obsidian Interstellar
    by Disasterpeace
    Jump Error Jump Error
    Packed with several varying styles of progressive chippy goodness, Rise of the Obsidian Interstellar easily secures its spot as one of my top 10 favorite chiptune albums. If you only buy one album by Disasterpeace... good luck, hahaha! Seriously, this album is great. Grab it right now!
  38. further
    by crashfaster
  39. beacon
    by crashfaster
  40. Retro City Rampage Soundtrack
    by virt, Freaky DNA and Norrin Radd
    Cleaning up the Streets (Norrin Radd) Cleaning up the Streets (Norrin Radd)
    This soundtrack is truly a love letter to the 8-bit music of yesteryear. The crazy amount of different yet superbly-executed styles within makes this one of the albums I keep in my car nearly 24 / 7. Even if you don't play RCR, grab this album.