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  1. Season Of The Dead
    by Necrophagia
    Painful Discharge Painful Discharge
    great metal!!! The opening for ttack 1 is beautiful, but no.10 gets favorite track for the title alone----- PAINFUL DISCHARGE🤘🤘🤘🤘 All in all intense metal with great vocals and breakneck backing to support them. Good stuff--- If Satan had a pool party with cocktails and drink umbrellas, this would be the music to get the party started.
  2. Skin Damage
    by Skin Damage
  3. Mort-Vivant
    by Défaillance
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  4. BETON ARME "Au bord du gouffre"
  5. ABUSE "Process of stupidity"
    by ABUSE
  6. FORCE MAJEURE "Encore debout"
  7. Damp Chill of Life
    by NONE
  8. Никаких компромиссов! [EP] (2012)
    by Noizy Boys
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  9. Молодые навсегда! (2011)
    by Noizy Boys
  10. UltraBernard
    by UltraBernard
  11. Bernard Veut Pas !
    by UltraBernard
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  12. Times are Changing
    by Last Call
  13. Demo 2017
    by Sharp Cut
  14. Aborted Songs Good Enough for Quarantine (Vol 3)
    by LAPLACE
  15. Aborted Songs Good Enough For Quarantine (Vol 1)
    by LAPLACE
  16. LA LOIX
    by La Loix
  17. demo 2017
    by Lion's Share
  18. Attack
    by DENIM
  19. Ski Mask Justice Demo Tape
    by DENIM
    Skimask Justice Skimask Justice
    if the Slumlords and Concrete Elite got drunk and had an ugly violent Skinhead baby that grew up in Austria with a violent temper only calmed by beer and snarling vocals------ I think Denim would be this unholy bastard child. With Denim you'll know what you are listening to, but this is it's own unique sound. I'd highly recommend this band to anybody who loves gnarly pissed of Oi/ Hatdcore/ Punk. I'll be on the hunt for the cassette version of this e.p. now cuz it's a must have. Good stuff!!
  20. The Collection
    by Last Call