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  1. Dors bien
    by TRAITRE
    Je m'emmerde Je m'emmerde
    This is incredible French Oi/ Punk. Track 1 feels a little like Camera Silens ( not a bad band to be compared to!) --- howeever Traitre maintains a unique sound. A great band producing great music AND SHOULD NOT BE MISSED!
    ANOTHER MUST HAVE. For fans of French Oi/Punk or anybody who loves a band with a R n R foundation. Now I just need to get this on vinyl or cassette!
    by Battle Ruins
    Hell's Raiders Hell's Raiders
    im normally pretty veebose when iy comes ro my comments but this is really all I need to say---


    3 more incredible tracks from a great band. i cant recommend it enough!
  3. Demo - 2014
    by Semper Eadem
  4. Demo
    by The Back Ups
  5. Old School Mentality demo
    by Barfight Champs
  6. HOM007 - Teenage Hearts - Pig Parade
    by HOM Records
  7. Do Koga Vaka?!
    by Kontra
  8. Savage Death split EP
    by Savage Beat
  9. De-Vinyled (CD) - 4 Bands
  10. Call To Arms
    by The Incited
  11. Rock'n'Roll Outcasts
    by The Sideburns
  12. Our Passion
    by The Sideburns
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  13. 333 chambers of lo-fi streetrock anthems to brighten your day.
    by Toy Tiger
    if you love em' remind em' (i wanna make it rain between your legs) if you love em' remind em' (i wanna make it rain between your legs)
    fun band with a great sound and who cant love a track with tge lyric " I wanna make it rain between your legs" LOL-- that'll never get old
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  14. Iron & Blood
    by The Detained
  15. EP 7" S.T
    by Exili
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  16. EP "7 VIA FORA
    by Exili
    appears in 1 other collection
    by NO HEART
    some bands music is just so great that you wont bat an eye buying it in multiple formats. No Heart's "Cant Get Out" is one of those albums. No Heart is an incredible Oi band that continually puts out solid music that never disappoints. Another example of the great Oi/Punk/BootBoy Glam coming out of Canada thats raising the bar for subculture music worldwide.
  18. Coffee, Tea & Me (LTDR-LP005)
    by Just Jeffrey
    English Way Of Life English Way Of Life
    Alongside the incredible Country music I was raised on ----- I was also fed healthy doses of " oldies "which included great 60s Brit-Pop. Even today the guitar sound and vibe are present on some of my favorite bands ( think Templars and Stamford Bridge and 1 of my new faves Vanity!)---- anyway, Just Jeffrey has that great sound and feel of the Brit-Pop oldies that I loved growing up. If you didnt know better youd think that this album dropped 55 years ago ,but there is a modern fresh spirit that runs through this album.....making it a great addition for anybody that loves great music.
    charlie loves you charlie loves you
    What better way to celebrate a band that loves serial killers and death-- than with a live album!
    Creeping out of the swamps of Florida and into your homes A Killing Tradition will storm into your home, rummage through your home-- steal your stash ,artfully deposit stains of dubious origin on your furniture and your Mother's pillowcase......and quite possibly flay every inch of skin from your ass-cheeks snd sew it into mountain men buckskin condoms
    But--- no matter how they defile you -- A Killing Tradition live will give you a glimpse of what this band puts into their music. Raw,brutal,and disturbing, they are a band not to missed!!!

  20. LSC005 - Pubnight Live at CIUT
    by LSC Records
  21. LSC007 - Ultra Razzia La Demo
    by LSC Records
  22. Demo - Passe à l'assaut!
    by Lebel
  23. On The Stremph
    by Slumlords
  24. Tarpin oi!
    by massaliotes
    Working Class Working Class
    incredible French Oi! I l8je that they seem a little more fluid in their style--- going from great Oi and Punk to injecting a little 2 tone breakdown in the track Working Class. i cant recomend it enough
  25. The Faceless Offenders - We Don't Pose E.P.
    by Contra Records
  26. Demo 2017
    by On The Ropes
  27. Demo 2019
    by Faction S
    Ive always found it incredible when musicical genres morph and change even though they have pretty established bases structurally. Oi from its beginning seemed this way,but has grown, morphed, migrated,and broke down rigid thinking. The incredible strong,guttaral vocals that overlay this bands fluid sound is the best example.
    Add the power this music receives when done in the French tongue ( ha- ha - ha double entendre ) and Faction S. is clearly a MUST HAVE for anybody's collection who enjoys Oi!/Punk/HardCore/ Rock N' Roll / or French language music wrapped in SteelToes and carrying brass knuckles of the musical kind.
  28. Demo 2019
    by Tchernobyl
  29. Not An Oi! Fest
    by Embattled
    Live tracks from an incredible Oi band. Straightforward and unrepentant--- these guys are making some great music. Whether you agree with their views or not the stuff Embattled is putting out is fucking killer! Get some!

    Since the late- great Mickey Fitz is no longer with us Embattled ( on the strength of this live recording) now runs with the torch of ' best between song banter" . Truly an example of the subculture axiom " having a laugh"
  30. Yer Fucking Boring b/w There's The Door 7"
    by Vanity
    There's The Door There's The Door
    an absolutely incredible band thst play a great blend of sibculture genres that have been picked apart and reassembled by a nee sey of eyes. Even with their musical influences being veey clear---- Vanitys music is fresh and new and isnt the same song played over and over with only the song's title charging. GREAT MUSIC FROM A GREAT BAND WITH A GREAT MUSICAL FOUNDATION.
  31. LSC002 - Shotcallers S/T EP
    by LSC Records
  32. DEMO #1
    by The Stance
    So Im not sure how this band got past me,but Im glad I finally took a peak at how they sound. Great Oi/ Punk from another top notch Boston band. Harsh and angry ( in all the besy ways) this band knocks it outta the park. The price for this offering and the " Tape 2" make picking up The Stance's stuff a no-brainer. File this im Badass Boston Oi to wreck shit by!"
  33. Tape #2
    by The Stance
  34. BOMBERS - Demo
    by BOMBERS
  35. OBEDIENCE - Demo 2017 Tape
  36. s/t
    by Cinderblock
  37. Singles 2017-2018
    by Condor
  38. Never Regret
    by Black Ball
    Everyone Will Be Here Everyone Will Be Here
    Great melodic Oi from a really great Aussie band. The album deserves a vinyl purchase as well because its just that good. The lyrics are heartfelt and track 3 will cut you open --- it definitely hit home for me. I highly recommend.
    by Off the Clock
  40. Don't Be Shy LP
    by Vanity
  41. Vain In Life LP
    by Vanity
    by Primator Crew
  43. The SULTANS "Luvly wankers"
    by Primator Crew
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  44. Savage Elite Concrete Beat
    by Savage Beat
  45. VA More than french punk rareties vol.1
    by Rusty Knife