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  1. The Sachem's Tales
    by Dzö-nga
    The Wolves Fell Quiet The Wolves Fell Quiet
  2. Coagulating Darkness
    by Hellripper
    Bastard of Hades Bastard of Hades
    Imagine trying to pick a favourite track! Every one of these 8 is blackened thrash distilled to its aggressive, mean bones, ready to break your neck with their headbangability. I couldn't ask for a more fun 28 minutes.
  3. Horizonless
    by Loss
    The Joy Of All Who Sorrow The Joy Of All Who Sorrow
  4. Futility Report
    by White Ward
    Stillborn Knowledge Stillborn Knowledge
  5. Tôtbringære
    by Ungfell
    Der Ûzsieche und sîne Grimmede Der Ûzsieche und sîne Grimmede
  6. Los Angeles EP
    by FM-84
    Neon Sunrise Neon Sunrise
  7. Atlas
    by FM-84
    Don't Want To Change Your Mind (feat. Ollie Wride) Don't Want To Change Your Mind (feat. Ollie Wride)
    This has quickly become one of my favourite synthwave releases. It's so buttery smooth and melodic. And while I don't often enjoy vocals with my synths, here they are perfect.
  8. Vigilance Perennial
    by Falls of Rauros
    White Granite White Granite
  9. Edgar Allen Poe: A Life Of Hope & Despair
    by +1476+
    A Circle Of Hope & Despair A Circle Of Hope & Despair
    A really evocative neofolk / classical record. Perfectly evokes an overcast Autumn day.
  10. Burial Shrouds
    by Sivyj Yar
    The Snow shall fall a long while The Snow shall fall a long while
    One of the best atmo-black albums you can buy. The aggression is haunting and the melodic parts harrowing. It also tells an engrossing story, all within an effective and direct 40 minutes.
  11. Far From Light
    by Lunar Shadow
    Hadrian Carrying Stones Hadrian Carrying Stones
    Lunar Shadow are really quite singular in the old-school metal world. The guitar theatrics are fantastic and the warm production aids their likability.
  12. Chalice Hymnal
    by Grails
    Chalice Hymnal Chalice Hymnal
    Tough to briefly describe but this is evocative, finely crafted and above all, cinematic. Each track executes a theme or idea succinctly but the record also flows excellently.
  13. Foreword
    by Disperse
    Tether Tether
    You guys like indie pop thinly veiled as djent right?
  14. Urraca
    by Sunless
    Born of Clay Born of Clay
    I love how succinct this is. It openly adopts an Ulcerate type of death metal but executes each idea rapidly. And good ideas they are too.
  15. Leaving Your Body Map
    by maudlin of the Well
    Bizarre Flowers / A Violent Mist Bizarre Flowers / A Violent Mist
  16. Bath
    by maudlin of the Well
    Girl With A Watering Can Girl With A Watering Can
  17. Part The Second
    by maudlin of the Well
    Laboratories Of The Invisible World (Rollerskating The Cosmic Palmistric Postborder) Laboratories Of The Invisible World (Rollerskating The Cosmic Palmistric Postborder)
    It blows my mind that I'd not encountered these guys before now. Gentle, intricate, subtle, dense, all applicable adjectives but none do justice to how wonderful this album is. It invokes the same feeling as Pink Floyd without sounding remotely like them.
  18. Labyrinth Constellation
    Hormone's Echo Hormone's Echo
    I skipped this on its first release given my general lack of enjoyment found in tech and brutal death metal. More fool me as this is as smart and memorable as any other DM I enjoy.

    Explosively aggressive but off-kilter and warped, prog nerds should give this a go.
  19. Triumph of Gloom
    Where we surrender completely to the miserable shaman Where we surrender completely to the miserable shaman
    Kinda like Sodom but with more black and more Maiden. It's short, it's sweet and the riffs are razer sharp.
  20. Cursus Impasse: The Pendlomic Vows
    Cabals of Molder Cabals of Molder
    Now this was something I didn't realise I wanted until it hit me in the face. It's substantially death metal but the bouncing rhythms and thinking man's approach to riffage are thoroughly engaging. It's hard to not grin when the swinging rhythms kick in.
  21. Emotionale Ödnis
    by Tardigrada
    Emotionale Ödnis Emotionale Ödnis
    The perfect little blend of second wave BM and atmospheric stuff which is currently rampantly popular.

    Scything and fast enough to have brutal legitimacy but with scoops of authentic emotional shit.
  22. Barren Grounds
    State of Decay State of Decay
    A simple but rocking example of a doom / hard rock fusion. The vox have enough gravitas and the riffs are meaty and gratifying.
  23. Handmade Cities
    by Plini
    Every Piece Matters Every Piece Matters
    Instrumental prog can feel pointless and meandering but the sunny and hopeful noodlings here make for genuinely uplifting listening.

    Satisfyingly intricate and proggy but highly emotive too.
  24. ...And Now We Ride
    by Sellsword
    The Siege The Siege
    The little mercenary metal band that could. Crossing power and classic metal, this thing is so epic and so much fun.
  25. Atrophy
    by Downfall of Gaia
    Ephemerol Ephemerol
    The kinda post-black metal which while drawing on techniques that are now common, retains the darkness and despair at black metal's roots.

    "Ephemerol" is brilliantly creepy and hopeless.
  26. Garden of Shadows
    by Scum
    Mountain of the Hawks Mountain of the Hawks
    This is a random but great album. Recorded 20 years ago but only now released, it's an identifiably Finnish approach to death metal with healthy doses of doom and a satisfying melodic bent.
  27. Failure, Subside
    by Départe
    Vessel Vessel
    This is a ferocious album. Fusing Altar of Plagues style post-metal with Ulcerate's percussive focus, Failure, Subside reminded me why I love extreme metal.

    Each track is laden with excellent drumming, aggressive riffs and memorable twists to rejuvenate. The unexpected but perfect clean vocals are the icing.
  28. The Real Deal
    by Mitch Murder
    Outpost Alpha Outpost Alpha
    Classic Mitch, doing his fun synthy thing. Outpost Alpha is obscenely good.
  29. Sangreal
    by Cóndor
    Sangreal Sangreal
    A slicker, more refined version of Cóndor where the transitions between folky acoustic passages and death / doom metal is less jarring.

    Still raw but more digestible which allows their weird magic to operate more effectively here.
  30. Gravity
    by Deadspace
    Life Life
    These depressive Aussies are truly an overlooked gem. Gravity is just as beautiful as it is desperate, seeking solace and shelter on each track with quiet and reflective passages closing each track.

    One of the best black metal releases of this year.
  31. The Whisperer
    by Spires
    The Fevered Spirit The Fevered Spirit
    How these guys had flown under my radar until now blows my mind. Those looking for Opeth-y prog deaths should apply.

    The death is groovy and sometimes mind-bending in its dissonance, while the prog is detailed and interesting. A great package, from the musicianship, to the songwriting, to the decent production.
  32. Pyrrhic
    by Voidspawn
    Pyrrhic Pyrrhic
    Colossal, evil death metal. Cavernous and powerful in all the right ways.
  33. Landless
    by Eight Bells
    Hating Hating
    Truly bewitching, with fantastic flow.
  34. White Wings Of Nightmares
    by Plateau Sigma
    The Cult Of Mithra The Cult Of Mithra
    An unbalanced release, sounding as if it's composed of songs written and produced at different times. But there's no doubting the core sound which was streamlined for Rituals.

    The Cult of Mithra is easily the best track.
  35. Unity
    by Skyforest
    Autumnal Embrace Autumnal Embrace
    Euronymous would be turning in his grave if he thought this was what was to become of his beloved black metal. Ridiculously melodic and accessible for BM, splitting fun and serenity. Atmospheric with loads of synths and orchestral components.
  36. Imperial Triumphant - Inceste EP
    by Imperial Triumphant
    Kaleidoscopic Orgies Kaleidoscopic Orgies
    Wonderfully weird. Black metal which focuses less on the metal and more on the black - this is dark, disturbing stuff but instantly memorable too. A fascinating snippet to follow up the worthy Abyssal Gods.
  37. Unortheta
    by ZHRINE
    World World
    More than just a mark of the current Icelandic scene dominating international black metal, this is arguably my favourite release from it.

    Winding, heavy and atmospheric with doomy resonance.
  38. Bridging Realms
    by Dreadnought
    Minuet De Lune Minuet De Lune
    Truly wonderful stuff. Slow, folky, atmospheric builds, winding stoner doom highs and jazzy, funky interludes to space it out. The clean vocals remind me of Cammie Gilbert and the harsh of Amalie Bruun - high praise indeed.

    The hippie's approach to metal and I fucking love it.
  39. Rituals
    by Plateau Sigma
    Palladion Palladion
    Supreme doom metal. Not the heaviest shit you'll ever hear but subtle and enchanting, traversing thick doom tones, beautiful quiet passages and an effective range of vocals.

    Palladion and Rituals pt. I are particularly tremendous.
  40. ...grey heaven fall
    by Grey Heaven Fall
    The Ressurected One The Ressurected One
    I went back to this after 2015's dissonant black metal release by these Russians. I was shocked to find a melodic death metal album. I was even more shocked that it was so good.
  41. XX
    by dawnbringer
    Why Would You Leave Me Why Would You Leave Me
    It's Chris Black and it's Dawnbringer. You know it's gonna be great heavy metal.

    Even though it's the sub-2 minute opener, "Why Would You Leave Me" is my favourite track. I hope it's reworked and extended into a full track for the next full-length.
  42. Old Sunlight
    Ordalian Ordalian
  43. The Light That Dwells in Rotten Wood
    by Falls of Rauros
    Earth's Old Timid Grace Earth's Old Timid Grace
    An almost-perfect fusion of acoustic folk and atmospheric black metal. Who says this sort of music only comes from Cascadia?
  44. Celestial Lineage
    by Wolves in the Throne Room
    Thuja Magus Imperium Thuja Magus Imperium
    This is considered a seminal album within Cascadian black metal and it's easy to see why.

    Chilling aggression layered with haunting synths, orchestral components and a healthy wedge of acoustic folk.
  45. Antikatastaseis
    by ABYSSAL
    Veil Of Transcendence Veil Of Transcendence
    Dark, fierce and terrifying, Antikatastaseis is a dissonant but fluid hybrid between death, black metal and ambient. A monolithic release.