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  1. The Uncanny Valley
    The Uncanny Valley The Uncanny Valley
    Just my favorite song and album of all time, i love the dark cyberpunk ambient and how the music takes me through the story and to that epic ending
  2. Lustful Sacraments
    Dethroned Under a Funeral Haze Dethroned Under a Funeral Haze
    A masterpiece of synth and dark music, all the songs have the oppressive and obscure atmosphere but with Perturbator touch, really a great album
  3. New Model
    God Complex God Complex
    This is a great album, i like the dark atmosphere, and as usual the great ending
  4. Dangerous Days
    Minuit (Feat. Dead Astronauts) Minuit (Feat. Dead Astronauts)
    This album is pretty good,Perturbator and Dead Astronauts make the most beautiful songs i ever listened to
  5. I Am The Night
    by Perturbator
    The Price Of Failure The Price Of Failure
    This is a great album, that dark and 80ts touch it's what i like the most
  6. Velvet Dawn
    by Ruin Of Romantics
    Long Cigarette Long Cigarette
    This is an amazing album i love James synth atmosphere in all songs
  7. B-Sides and Remixes, Vol. I
    by Perturbator
    In Disquise - (Dead Astronauts) In Disquise - (Dead Astronauts)
    I love the sound of other artist with Perturbator touch
  8. The Wrath of Code
    The Wrath of Code (feat. Perturbator) The Wrath of Code (feat. Perturbator)
    I found this songs in a game called "Neuro Voider" when i was younger and i never expected to take me this far into Dan Terminus and electronic music
  9. The Uncanny Valley - Bonus
    by Perturbator
    Vile World Vile World
    Really nice album that complements the original Uncanny Valley
  10. Sexualizer - EP
    by Perturbator
    Perverted Precinct (feat. Tommy) Perverted Precinct (feat. Tommy)
    I love this album, Perturbator synths in this are the best
  11. Repetitions
    by Blueneck
    Barriers Down Barriers Down
  12. Automated Refrains
    Electronic Snow Electronic Snow
  13. The Unknown (Luxus)
    by The Vision Bleak
    Into The Unknown Into The Unknown
  14. Nocturne City - EP
    by Perturbator
    Vengeance (The Return Of The Night Driving Avenger) [Bonus Track] Vengeance (The Return Of The Night Driving Avenger) [Bonus Track]
  15. Last Call For All Passengers
    Oubliette Oubliette
    Was a long time without new Dan Terminus music but is worth the wait with this album, it's really great
  16. Constellations
    by Dead Astronauts
    Taking Control Taking Control
    This album make me feel like in the space, i love the atmosphere that it creates.
  17. B-Sides and Remixes, Vol. II
    by Perturbator
    Retrofutures (with Starforce) Retrofutures (with Starforce)
  18. Drink the Sea (10 Year Anniversary Deluxe Edition)
    by The Glitch Mob
    Between Two Points (feat. Swan) (2020 Remaster) Between Two Points (feat. Swan) (2020 Remaster)
    I discovered this album as a child and never forget that introduced me into the world of different electronic music i love the deep atmosphere of the album
  19. Hacknet
    by Boss Battle Records
    Malware Injection Malware Injection
    this album is great and the game as well, this is one of my favorite album for programing
  20. Helena
    by Ruin Of Romantics
    I love the dark, sad and slow atmosphere of this song, and the James Kent synth touch is the best