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  1. If We Could Just Pretend
    by flatsound
  2. The Stars Do Not Recognize You
    by Animal Logic
  3. ...the coral has started to establish itself
    by Rat Ship
  4. Wanna Jam?
    by Soda Bomb
  5. Seven Inches of Release
    by Mineral Girls
  6. Mirage
    by The Only Ghost in Town
  7. live & stripped down sessions
    by Fun Home
  8. House Fires Of The Modern Age (Redux)
    by The New & Very Welcome
  9. Coast To Coast
    by Batwings Catwings
  10. Another Step In Your Career Ladder
    by Snow Roller
  11. Christians and Freemasons Will Kill Me
    by Posture & The Grizzly
  12. Finding Comfort in Obsolescence
    by GRYSCL
  13. LP
    by Animal Flag
  14. Something So Personal
    by Makeshift Shelters
  15. Play Pretend
    by Perspective, A Lovely Hand to Hold
  16. Siding
    by Boysin
  17. The Cautious End of Things
    by Makeshift Shelters
  18. Yore Veils
    by Adaje
  19. The Romance of Crime & Your Beautiful Bones
    by Funeralbloom
  20. I Think I'm Going To Throw Up
    by Patch Kit
  21. One
    by Trashlord
  22. I Heard You As You Walked Away
    by Reservoir
  23. It Tired Me All The Same
    by Arrows In Her
  24. Full Bloom
    by Pocket
  25. Good Enough
    by Brightside
  26. Still Water
    by Told Slant
  27. In Which the Choices We Didn't Make Were Better Than the Ones That We Did
    by Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate)
  28. Do You Think I'm Spooky?
    by Osier Bed
  29. Boy On Guitar / Chase Huglin Split 7"
    by Boy On Guitar / Chase Huglin
  30. No One Will Ever Leave You
    by I Kill Giants
  31. The Future is Gonna Suck
    by Soda Bomb
  32. Clique
    by Clique
  33. My Life As A Bro
    by Taking Meds
  34. Poison Smoak
    by One Hundred Year Ocean
  35. I Hate My Voice and Everything That I Say
    by Animal Logic
  36. Rock Songs
    by Yeehaw!
  37. Tethered Rendering
    by Molly Drag
  38. Petals
    by Funeralbloom
  39. Knit Into Place
    by Fun Home
  40. Not Once, Not Never
    by Yes Yes A Thousand Times Yes
  41. We Can Live in the Exact Same Place
    by I Kill Giants
  42. What's The Score?
    by Snow Roller
  43. Split 7"
    by My Dad / Fat History Month
  44. Busch Hymns
    by Posture & The Grizzly
  45. Spill
    by Spill